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Windows 8 Powered 80-inch Tablets

Windows 8 powered 80 inch tablets is hanging over a wall in Steve Ballmer , CEO of Microsoft office.

The world is soon going to taken down by the storm of Windows 8, which is scheduled to launch later this year.  Most recent news is that Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft has got an 80 inch Windows 8 tablet hanging over a wall in his office.  An 80 inch tablet might sound a bit weird, but it is true. Windows 8 is definitely going to turn around what we have been witnessing and doing till now. And of the many big revolutionary devices that would come along with Windows 8, one is this mega-tablet. These tablets will be as big as 80 inch television monitor hanging on a wall.  According to the Microsoft officials, this is the perfect time to replace all the other gadgets like personal computer or  television by this one, innovative gadget. So, all the technocrats should get ready for these future tablets, which will redefine the way we live.

You might be wondering how the crazy idea of 80 inch tablets came across. But, according to Ballmer, the technological world is moving so fast, that we need one unified device that can do anything and everything which any other gadget can do. Imagine a new device that can be used as a LCD television, can be kept in the table as a desktop, can be carried as a laptop and can be used as a tablet as well. And this type of new devices is what the world is going to witness soon.

On the other hand, most of the technology critics have completely different opinion about what Ballmer said. This new wall tablet powered by Windows 8 might be loaded with abundant features and massive hardware support, but it is surely going to burn a hole in your pocket. Though, price is not yet revealed by Microsoft, but it is projected to cost much higher than a regular tablet.  Critics have shown dissent on Microsoft ideas of creating a new innovative gadget which cannot be used by the masses.

Despite being criticized, Microsoft seems to stick on doing something innovative that could bring a big change and would establish their share in the tablet market.  But, nowadays, it is not just about inventing something new; it is about making something useful and then making it accessible to all. Microsoft is strongly competing against its rivals, especially Apple and Google, on the tablet race, whilst these companies themselves are also spending each and every second to come out with innovative technologies and devices. So, Microsoft has no other choice left then to launch a gadget that is both universal and unique.

Overall, many new features are expected to follow when this crazy idea will finally come into action. Its good news for all the gadget lovers, but still they need to wait till the year end in order for such Windows 8 powered devices to come into play.  Word is that rather than manufacturing these tablets by themselves, Microsoft will be collaborating with some leading PC vendors (Dell’s the word) for such devices. And these vendors will be selling these devices preloaded with a fully compatible version of Windows 8. But we’ll have to wait till the year end in order to see how Microsoft’s plan turns out.

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