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Windows 8 Beta May Get Delayed Till Late Feb Next Year

Windows 8 Beta release date may get delayed further to late February according to some news reports.

Contrary to estimates of many tech analysts in the past, Windows 8 beta may not hit the timeline as expected and may get delayed by a month or two, according to the next web.

According to various sources, Windows 8 beta might be delayed till late February but the later deadline of releasing Windows 8 for Release to manufacturing and later for public debut might not be effected much.

Windows 8 is expected to hit the stores by the fall, next year and therefore, the holiday season for the year 2012 will be all about the trend-setting Windows 8 and the cool new hardware from various manufacturers, especially the tablet devices features the touch-optimized Windows 8.

Another related news is that Windows App Store could be announced very soon in the public domain. App Store has been kept out of limelight so far and only developers working for apps on Windows 8 may have been acquainted with it but the App Store may see the light of the day in coming weeks as work on App Store is Windows 8 team’s top priority and they would want to woo more developers by showcasing Windows App Store to the public.

Also, Microsoft isn’t commenting officially on anything related to next ‘office’ suite(‘Office 2012’) but the early rumors are suggesting that next version of Office, especially the touch-optimized version of Office, dubbed Office 2012, will be out along with ‘Windows 8’ during the holiday season and therefore, it could be a double-bonanza for Microsoft and also a dual challenge for them to pull off two successful product launches simultaneously.



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