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8 “Winning” Things About “Windows 8”

This article enlists Windows 8 best features. Here’s the list of some:

During the first day of BUILD conference, Microsoft off its next geneeration of Windows operating system, codenamed “Windows 8”. Now that many of you may have already seen the fresh glimpse of Microsoft’s “Unified Operating System”, it’s time for you to know what really stands out from the rest of the things and why “Windows 8” is here to stay.

Here are those 8 staggering features that comes along with Windows 8 and will keep you hooked to it for sure…

1. Picture Password

This is an innovative idea from Microsoft and was seen for the first time during the inaugural keynote at BUILD conference. Among various ways of setting a password to lock your machine, you can alternatively set a picture password, under which you can define various points in any picture in certain order and set that pattern as a password. Hence, to unlock the machine, you will simply need to touch your pre-set points in the selected picture in particular order and your machine will be unlocked.

2. Fast and fluid UI

One of the coolest and most talked about thing about Windows 8 is its Metro UI, optimized for touch enabled machines. It’s so fast and fluidic that you start to fall in love with it, moments after starting to use it for the first time. Metro UI takes its inspiration from Windows Phone 7 UI which is largely Metro-ized for a unique user experience. With a larger screen in tablets, Tile based UI screams even louder.

Multi-tasking and Docking: One unheard feature about Windows 8 is its ability to multi-task various programs and applications. And multi-tasking on Windows 8 uses ‘docking’ to parallely run two different apps over the same screen, running side-by-side.

3. Backward compatibility

Everything that runs on Windows 7 will also run on Windows 8. This may sound obvious as Microsoft has always maintained backward compatibility with all its past launches of Windows OSes.  But this time, this is a huge win for Microsoft as Windows 8 brings most dramatic and path-breaking change in Windows experience since Windows 95 and there are several challenges that come along with it.

As Microsoft enjoys a huge and loyal user base,  Backward compatibility remains one of the most crucial aspects for Microsoft and with Windows 8, both innovation and backward compatibility are achieved at the same time. Backward compatibility also gives its due to loyal developer community that has remained with Microsoft for decades now.

4. Combo of Traditional Desktop and Metro-ized UI

As explained above, both traditional dsktop and new Metro UI are paired along so well that you will never have an issue, switching back and forth, depending on what you need to use at what point of time.

5. Perfect OS for dual-hardware support

As Windows 8 comes with desktop as well as touch optimized Metro UI, it works perfect for serving as a dual hardware OS,  as you can use a Windows 8 powered tablet as a desktop(when paired with wireless keyboard and mouse) with traditional desktop in action and as a tablet when taken away for couch computing or while on the go.

6. Windows App Store

Windows 8 will come pre-loaded with an app store that will house Metro style apps

7. Better efficiency

Windows 8 has far efficient processing capability than Windows 7 and is less CPU hungry while running applications.

8. Super-fast boot up

Among tons of other exciting things about Windows 8, there’s a feature that we already covered in the past and that is, super-fast boot of Windows 8 OS.




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