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Windows 8 App Store Search Function

In this article we will tell you about windows 8 app store search function. Here’s the complete details.

Windows 8 is a popular and state-of-the-art operating system that has undergone many changes done by Microsoft. This OS has another strong suit, which is that as in computers it can also be run on mobile phones. Since Windows moved into the mobile apps domain recently, initially the number of apps in the app store was quite a few. But now, there are quite a lot of apps in the Windows 8 app store, and it is said to be 35,971 apps are available in the App store and the count is still increasing.

Search Function in Windows 8 OS

Unlike other apps stores, the Windows 8 apps store has no conventional option, but there exists a Charms Bar. This lets you access the global search option. When you go for the search in this app store using the specified option, the results are gotten from the Metro apps, and they are displayed based on the search. Simultaneously more than an item can be recorded for a search and asked for installation. The progress of the installation is also continuously monitored. There are lots of standardizations in the areas of new features like contracts, settings and charms going on with Microsoft.

Windows 8 App Store – Search Tips

The navigation is categorized into various types. You can follow these steps to search for an item in Windows 8 App store:Windows 8 App Store Search Function

Windows 8 has an official and system level capability. The users can experience this capability through the Search Charm using WINKEY + Q, and a part of the Charms bar search using WINKEY + C.  This can be found as a replacement or alternative to the search feature of Windows 7 Start Menu which is now called Start Search and will help you in searching settings, apps on a full screen interface.

Another feature that users need to know about the Windows 8 Search option is the Start Search pane which has the list of Metro-style apps to be searched in the left corner. However, you cannot expect all the apps installed in, the system to be present in this pane. The Metro Style apps that are available in the system level Search contract are available in the pane. This lets you search all sorts of apps, unlike the conventional app stores that offer a limited or restricted search option.

Moreover, Windows 8 OS has not listed the apps in alphabetical order, but the apps are arranged in order that you have viewed most often. You can also look at your favorite apps by pinning them. For this, you need to right click your favorite apps and choose “Pin”. The pinned apps are usually found on the top of the Start Search Pane.

Types of Search

You can opt for 2 forms of Search in the Windows 8 app store. Both these types perform perfectly.

1. The first method is to search with any supported app. That is to use the Windows key and Q or the Charms Bar. By default, this type of search enables search within your app and not in the system. This is because search pane appears on the app and not on the system.

2. You can also search in the system after choosing Windows and Q keys. Now choose the search pane on the right (unlike the previous default selection). While you are browsing in internet explorer, you can search your Mail app based email.

For searching, you can choose any of these methods to get appropriate results.

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