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Will You Ditch Tinder for Facebook’s Dating Feature? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Will You Ditch Tinder for Facebook’s Dating Feature?

Image Credits: Facebook

Facebook has announced a sleuth of changes to its various platforms. One of the interesting change is the addition of a dating feature called ”secret crush.” It will allow users to select nine of their Facebook friends with whom they have a romantic interest. If the other user responds to the request, both users are notified of a match. Facebook’s earliest version was to let users know whether the other user is single or taken. The feature is launched in some of the countries such as Canada, Mexico and others. Asian countries will be added later. However, it seems that people will take their time to trust Facebook with their most valuable information. The recent data privacy scandals might play a role when people decide to use this latest dating feature. So, will you ditch Tinder for Faceb0ok’s dating feature? Link.



Brazilian Male Strippers on Cartoon Network Website!

Cartoon Network website in at least 16 countries was hacked to show Brazilain male strippers and Arabic memes. Two hackers from Brazil have taken responsibility for this attack. Some journalists have refrained from naming them so that they are devoid of fame that they are seeking. Link.



The May Day on May 1st At Google, Employees to Protest Against Retaliation

Google employees have warned the management about a sit-in to protest against the retaliation for demoting some of the employees who led the walkout last November. In a tweet, the organisers have called for a protest. Link.



LG Mobile Profits Slumps, What Lies Ahead?

LG mobile has not recovered since it started losing consumers back in 2018. The first quarter of 2019 isn’t any good. The company is losing sales figures and profits are down. Sony too is facing the same issue. Will LG start cutting costs to maintain competency? Link.



Chinese Firm Bought Times Square Bill Boards to Tell the World How Bad Tesla Cars Are

Image Credits: autoblog

A Chinese ride-hailing firm has bought up three billboards to tell the world how bad it is to maintain a Tesla car. According to the firm, it spent over $1 million dollars in repairs and the cost wasn’t justified. It feels that it has been cheated. Now the world can see that on Times Square in New York.

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