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Widget Lab Launched !

Hi there,

We are excited to announce the launch of our own Widget Lab(fourth link in upper tab).

And the reason is simple…

The widgets are countless in number today,many are good,millions are crap & hardly of any use…

So,at Widget Lab,our aim will be to experiment a widget for 24 hrs in our lab(Don’t worry,we will experiment on good ones only) and replace it with the next Good widget for another 24 hrs and so on…

Giving only 24 hrs of attention to any widget is just to keep TechPluto even more dynamic and to create and maintain a level of curiosity and unpredictability within our readership.

In Widget Lab,we will be experimenting on widgets belonging to various species such as : cool,funny,technical,sporty,humorous,financial,educational,bloggy,friendly and many others…

We will also rate the ‘featured widget’ taking its utility into consideration(if it’s in “Cool” category,then how cool it actually is…)

Your suggestions for any deserving widget is always welcome…([email protected])

And the inaugural widget under experimentation in our lab(flagship widget of Widget Lab) is Cyber pet.

Take a look !

See ya,

Prashant Sharma


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