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The Curious Case of LulzSec

What is LulzSec : the fast emerging hacker group that recently gained mass media attention for taking down Sony PSN network, CIA, U.S. Senate, Fox etc.

And conducting couple of other high-profile attacks has had a simple ideology behind all its acts: To have fun by causing mayhem.

And yes, Lulzsec relishes media attention, which is inevitable to occur, given the level of disruption its attacks have caused so far.

So far, LulzSec has attacked only high-profile targets including government websites such as CIA’s. That’s probably the reason why various affected governments are completely miffed with LulzSec attacks and looking to deface the spearheads of this hacktivist group.

Since it came into existence, LulzSec has claimed to be interested in embarrassing companies by exposing security flaws rather than stealing data for criminal purposes. To put more weight behind its motive for conducting attacks, LulzSec recently wrote an explanation on Pastebin for others to see.

Initially driven by entertainment value of the attacks, LulzSec has now changed its motivations and has declared an open war against all governments and large corporations, in order to cripple authorities trying to regulate Internet and also to expose corruption and other dirty acts within government and bureaucratic circles.

In the latest of its acts, LulzSec gained access to tons of confidential documents residing at Arizona Deptt. of Public Safety Servers and released the whole cache of documents via BitTorrent for anyone to access. Before that, the brazilian arm of LulzSec targeted brazilian government sites and took them down.

One good thing about LulzSec attacks is that the motive is not to steal sensitive information(such as Credit Card info) for the sake of money. Rather, their act of releasing the data publicly shows that they’re not using their capability to rob anyone but exposing security loopholes of the affected entities.

LulzSec’s idea of ‘exposing governments’ seems inspired from Wikileaks and we all know that Wikileaks has had a mass public support as it served a good cause according to many. Whether LulzSec will get public support for going against governments is still to be seen but LulzSec is surely getting tons of support from hacker community across the globe.

Which biggie will get targeted by LulzSec next ? Well, only LulzSec knows that.

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