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Welcome to the FICCI TURF 2013: 5TH Global Sports Summit

TURF 2013, India’s largest International Convention on Business of Sports has been launched today here at the FICCI Federation House.

We’ll be covering it all live, right here. Join us!

FICCI Turf 2013

TURF 2013 is the 5th international Sports conference focused on the business of Sports in India. The intention of this convention would be to bring together the most relevant stakeholders supporting the growth of sports industry in India and create business opportunities for all involved.

Liveblog updates happen below and will refresh automatically. So just scroll down, sit back, and enjoy the event online.

11:00 pm:

We have reached here at India’s largest International Convention on Business of Sports.

12:00 pm:

The event is having the Indian and international experts deliberating on challenges and opportunities in business of sports in India with a focus on linking education to employability by institution capacity building and improvising sports and physical education in India.

12:30 pm:

Dr. GSG Ayyangar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, is giving a gist about what India is doing under the Sports industry.

 12:55 pm:

Now he’s also talking about what money we are spending over Sports institutions. He also told that India will set up a R&D centre for the development of sports and their benefits over the athletes.

13:25 pm:

Someone from the crowd fired a question again for Dr. GSG Ayyangar. He’s asking, “why are we not researching, or making and preparing the documents over the career of elite sportsperson, so to help and assist the coming generation?”

13:30 pm:

But hey, Dr. Ayyangar answered this cunning question through his crafty humour and experience.

He’s telling, that “we always prepare the case studies for Successful PPP initiatives“, and concludes his statement by saying that, “we are also setting up the sector skill council in Sports and Physical Education.

13:55 pm:

This concludes the second phase of this event. Now everyone is gathering for the lunch.

Now the next phase will begun sharp at 14:30 pm. So meet us @14:30 pm…

14:30 pm:

Hereby the next phase of the event has began.

14:35 pm:

Now, Mr. Jiji Thomson, DG of Sports Authority of India (SAI) is discussing the strategies concerning the development of sports business in India.

14:55 pm:

The media participant for TURF 2013 Mr. Digvijay Singh Deo along with all the other participants, Mr. Baljit Singh Sethi (Advisor, NRAI), Ms. Manisha Malhotra (CEO, Mittal Champion Trust), Mr. Jiji Thomson (Director General, SAI), Mr. Mukesh Kumar (President, Judo Federation of India), Mr. Adil Sumairwala (President, Athletics Federation of India), are now discussing upon “Preparations and Way Forward: Olympics 2016”.

15:40 pm:

Now is the time for Questions… Hey, participants and audience.. get set and ready..!!!

15:55 pm:

I don’t understand why they just skip out the questions asked from the very first row audience when based upon their real time experience??

16:13 pm:

Now by this, with some critizations, some problems, or I must say, many problems regarding sports culture in India with their solutions as well, it concludes the “SME-Academia Investors Forum in Sports.”

16:15 pm:

We have now a panel to discuss upon, “Harnessing Women’s potential in Sports.

And the panel includes, Ms. Penny Simonds (Vice President, Women’s Hockey Federation of New Zealand), Mr. Sujit Panigarhi (CEO, Fitness 365 & former ADG of CWG), Ms. Sunita Godara (former Asian Marathon Champion & also the Arjuna Awardee), Ms. Indu Puri (former Table Tennis Player) and last but not the least Mr. Franz Gastler (Coach, Yuwa India).

16:30 pm:

Now on the podium mic we have Ms. Sunita Godara, National Coverner for Drug Abuse and Prevention, Clean Sports India.

She said about acknowledging women’s potential for elite pool.

16: 50 pm:

Next person to cover the podium mic is Ms. Penny Simonds, VP of Women’s Hockey Federation of New Zealand.

She’s discussing how New Zealand and India are collaborating with each other under the sports development.

17:10 pm:

Now we have Mr. Franz Gastler (Coach, Yuwa India) on the mic.

But what!! He’s talking in Hindi and is saying, “Main sabko bhaut badhai deta hu yaha is bare me mujhe sunne ke liye“.

Everyone is very happy to listen words in Hindi from Franz.

17:20 pm:

Through a short video, he’s trying to describe how to encourage and empower women and girls to get more medals in sports.

17:30 pm:

The video part was really touching. In the video, a small poor village girl was telling her experience in an abroad sport event.

17:35 pm:

Next person to get the opportunity of podium mic is Ms. Indu Puri (former Table Tennis Player).

She’s discussing here on, “Dealing with the challenges to women participation in sports.”

17:55 pm:

Now this concludes the Day 1 session of TURF 2013 here at FICCI Federation House.

It was really a nice event to attend!!

At the end of the whole thing, I am looking forward to find out more about corporatization and advancement of Indian sports.

So friends, meet us tomorrow right here..

Thank You..!!

Thanks to, India’s first and only paid bloggers network and the online media partner for FICCI’s TURF 2013 for allowing us to be apart of the LIVE Blogging experience.

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