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Welcome back to the Day 2 Session for FICCI TURF 2013: 5TH Global Sports Summit

Here we go!! After one long night, its finally time for Day 2 of FICCI TURF 2013 here at the FICCI Federation House.

We’ll be covering it all live, right here. Join us! This post will be updated regularly, so refresh your page for the latest.

10:00 am:

All set for starting off the first session of Day 2 program for FICCI TURF 2013.



10:05 am:

We have a panel here to discuss on how to maximize the spending amount from CSR on sports, titled as “Making the CSR Spend Count: The Magic of 2%“.

10:06 am:

The respected panel includes, Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran (Deputy Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel), Ms. Muna Ali (CSR Head, Pepsi), Mr Moraad Ali Khan (Former Shooter), Ms. Priti Srivastav (Vice President, Corporate Affairs, IMG-Reliance), Mr. V.K Mahendru (Deputy Manager, ONGC) and last but not least, their moderator Mr. Hemanshu Chaturvedi (CMD, HTC Sports).

10:10 am:

We have Mr. Hemanshu Chaturvedi from HTC Sports on the podium mic.

10:20 am:

He’s providing all of us a detail gist for the latest amended Companies Law 2013.

10:35 am:

After getting all the things from the Companies Law 2013, I can say, and for sure, that its a magnificent Bill made for the betterment of our Indian sports.

10:37 am:

Now we have Ms. Muna Ali (CSR Head, Pepsi) discussing here about the successful case studies of sports as CSR.

10:43 am:

My god, how beautifully shes describing all the past facts.

10:50 am:

Next person to get the opportunity of podium mic is Ms. Priti Srivastav (Vice President, Corporate Affairs, IMG-Reliance).

10:58 am:

Shes here describing some points over, building a socially responsible brand through Sports.

11:15 am:

Now is the time for a game called, “Fire the Questions on panel“..

No No I am just kidding..

11:30 am:

Wow, here we had come to know that, Mr. Moraad Ali Khan has been working on producing on some movie and we’ll be watching its trailer..

11:35 am:

What a brilliant work, with small budget though.

11:36 am:

This movie will be producing under BullsEye Production house and is titled as “Khwaabb“.

11:40 am:

By seeing its trailer, i think its a small love story with real sportsmanship.

I’ll definite watch this movie.

11:45 am:

By this, it concludes the first session for Day 2.

11:50 am:

The next session has begun.

11:51 am:

We have now Mr. Abhijit Sarkar on the podium mic.

11:52 am:

He’s not just the Co-chairman of FICCI Sports Committee, but also the Head-corporate Communications for Sahara India Pariwar.

12:00 pm:

He’s discussing here about the “ROI in Sports Brands“.

12:05 pm:

We have a panel here, who are discussing on ROIs in our sports brands, how to be sure about monetizing the brands, how people can assure over it, or i must say everything about ROIs in over sports brands.


12:06 pm:

The panel includes Mr. Hrishikesh Shinde (Marketing Director, Adidas India), Mr. Rukn Kizilibish (GM, WWE India), Mr. Sundar Raj URS (Director of Physical Education, Bangalore University), Mr. Mousum Pal Choudhury (VP, Avigo Capital Partners Pvt. Ltd.) and last but not the least our media moderator Mr. Varun Paliwal (Co-founder, Winning Matter).

12:10 pm:

Mr. Rukn Kizilibish (GM, WWE India) is on the mic talking about brand positioning and how to maximize the fan base.

12:20 pm:

Now the mic is in the hands of Mr. Hrishikesh Shinde (Marketing Director, Adidas India).

12:21 pm:

He’s discussing here about some methods to reduce the operational costs with some venue management tactics too.

12:40 pm:

After a small questionnaire round, we have now Mr. Mousum Pal Choudhury (VP, Avigo Capital Partners Pvt. Ltd.) on the podium mic.

12:45 pm:

Mr. Mousum is enlightening us upon, “Leveraging technology” with “Encashing the power of web”.

Like we don’t know.. Just kidding..

12:55 pm:

Again we have “Fire the Questions on panel” round.

Audience are asking panel with their queries.

13:00 pm:

By this the second phase of FICCI TURF 2013- Day 2 ends.

Now its Lunch time.. Meet us @14:00 pm

14:10 pm:

Welcome back friends..!!

14:11 pm:

So we have now a panel who are discussing about how to develop sport workforce for the sake of future.

14:15 pm:

The panel includes Mr. David Henwood (Director- Operations, Skills Active) accompanying with Mr. Ben Gittus (European Observatory for Sports and Employment).

14:17 pm:

Both David and Ben are talking simultaneously about the skills development in sports all over the globe.

They are also trying to include the audience in their discussion which is making the current session very interactive.

14:30 pm:

Well well..!! This panel has came with full energy and with absolute piece of preparation.

They are providing each and every piece information with PPTs, graphs, photos..

14:35 pm:

Now they are moving their discussion to Professionalization of sport workforce in UK.

14:37 pm:

Mr. Ben Gittus (European Observatory for Sports and Employment) is explaining us their ideology and their impact over sports in UK.

14:38 pm:

SkillActive are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. So they have planned to tell us their key lessons they got from these past years and also their future plans.

14:50 pm:

They are now showing their Revenue through a Revenue Model chart for the 2011/12 year. Its a giant £8,550,269 British Sterling Pounds revenue.. Its really huge for such a sector skill council.

14:56 pm:

So by this their presentation have been concluded.

14:57 pm:

Now is the time for the questionnaire round.

15:04 pm:

This ends the current discussion.

15:06 pm:

This brings us upto the next session.

15:09 pm:

So by this we have now reached to the final session of our 5th Global Sports Summit i.e. FICCI TURF 2013.

15:10 pm:

We have a new panel with us to discuss each and every aspects about “SSC in Sports“.

15:13 pm:

The current panel includes Dr. Sandeep Tiwari (General Secretary, All India Council of Physical Education), Mr. Hakimuddin S Habibulla (Olympian and Co-founder, Winning Matters), Mr. Dilip Chenoy (CEO & Managing Director Designate, National Skills Development Corporation), Mr. Rajpal Singh (Director & Head, Sports & Youth Affairs, FICCI) with their media moderator Mr. Sumit Agarwal (Senior Associate, Tanjun Associates).

15:15 pm:

Mr. Dilip Chenoy (CEO & Managing Director Designate, National Skills Development Corporation) is on the podium mic providing us a small brief up of this session.

15:20 pm:

He’s telling us about setting up the National Occupational Standards and also how to engage the Indian stakeholders with all over the globe.

15:25 pm:

Dr. Sandeep Tiwari (General Secretary, All India Council of Physical Education) providing us a brief up of about Labor Market  Information System.

15:30 pm:

He’s now informing us about their promotional activities for academies of excellence to promote the elite individuals.

15:40 pm:

Mr. Rajpal Singh has got the podium mic. He is the Director & Head of Sports & Youth Affairs, FICCI.

15:41 pm:

He’s throwing some light over Vocationalization of Sports Education through his long journey of sports career.

15:55 pm:

Dr. Sandeep Tiwari (General Secretary, All India Council of Physical Education) is justifying and describing, with many facts, that how physical education is important for sports and life too.

16:10 pm:

Now Mr. Hakimuddin S Habibulla (Olympian and Co-founder, Winning Matters) is on the podium mic and telling us about Accreditation and Institutional Capacity Building.

16:16 pm:

He’s actually trying to explain us how to bring up a Winner.

16:25 pm:

Mr. Dilip Chenoy (CEO & Managing Director Designate, National Skills Development Corporation) is giving a very nice presentation on International SSC.

16:30 pm:

Now is the time for the questionnaire round.

16:40 pm:

After this, the last session of FICCI TURF 2013 Day 2 has been concluded.

Looks like that’s a wrap!

Well it was really an amazing International Sports Summit.

Thanks for following along. Stay tuned for more thoughts later today and keep enjoying!

Thank You..!!

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