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WeChat Copying Snapchat Stories – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


WeChat Copying Snapchat Stories, How Will Snapchat Fightback?

Image Credits: Flickr Kevin San

After Instagram, WeChat is now copying the ‘stories’ feature in Snapchat. This feature allows the friends in profile access the photos for 24 hours. WeChat has introduced its own version naming it ‘Time Capsule.’ It is not the first time that a social media company is copying Snapchat feature. Snapchat got to come out with a plan before other apps creep into its space.



UK Military’s New Bomb Disposal Robot With Haptic Feedback

Image Credits: Company website

A robot that lets its controller feel what it touches has arrived for the UK military. The robot is known as Harris T7 and has cutting-edge technology that can enable a bomb disposal squad to access places that were impossible to reach earlier. Also, the mobility and dexterity of the robot keep the military personnel safe from harm.



Polymer Which Is Truly Sustainable, A Break Through in the Field of Science

Image Credits: Flickr fotogake

Scientists at Tel Aviv University have come up with a method to develop a plastic, which is completely biodegradable. Also, the production doesn’t require the use of fresh water or plants. This new way of producing plastic can pave a new way of manufacturing and affect several other industries once its mainstream and save the plant from industrial wastes like plastic.



Amazon Wants to Record Children’s Voice Through Toys, Is It Alexa for Kids?

Image Credits: Flickr Lena Beloborodova

Researchers at Amazon’s R&D have come up a patent to use stuffed toys for children to record their voices and talk back to them like Alexa. The device will fit inside other toys which will then interact with the kids. The idea behind the patent is an interactive experience.  However, an Amazon spokesperson has revealed that the patent is in the backburner for now. Amazon has scrapped the plan for putting mics inside teddy bears.



Tech Stocks are Down, Trade War to Blame?

Image Credits: Flickr Krys Kujawa

VCs have urged their startup owners to take note of the falling stock market. It’s unlike 2008 when the tech industry was able to save its investment from a downfall. But this time, the stock market is having a historical rout on Christmas. Some even believe that the trade war is one of the main causes along with strict regulation for the current situation. The trend shows that the projected growth for the information industry will be hampered.


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