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Walmart’s Future Store Powered by AI – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Walmart’s Future Store Powered by AI, Open to Public

Image Credits: Walmart
Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab or IRL for short is a unique real-world purchasing environment that uses artificial intelligence, unlike many who use it for the sake of tech. The store has AI enabled cameras that keep track of many things. It also has interactive displays that can keep shoppers engaged. The day to day functions become easy and efficient for the store workers with the help of this latest AI capabilities. IRL is a real effort at making a retail store of the future, straight from science fiction. Link.


Amazon Might Launch a New Hi-Def Music Streaming Service

By the end of 2019, Amazon might launch a new hi-def music streaming service. According to Music Business Worldwide, Amazon is planning its own full-fledged high definition music streaming service. Amazon wants to compete with Deezer and Tidal in this segment. The e-commerce giant is already in talks with big music houses and according to reports, one of the major record company has agreed to license it already. The service might cost $15 per month, once it’s live.



Google Employees Walkout Forces Change in the Firm

Image Credits: Flickr Pravin-kumar

Google is going to change the way sexual harassment complaints are reported by the employees. According to reports, the last year’s walkout is the reason behind this change. In short here are the proposed changes: A simplified process to report such cases, publishing of report findings, launch of Support Person Program, a new Investigation Care Program, a new Investigations Practice Guide, and finally the public sharing of Google’s workplace policies.



Facebook Files Lawsuit Against New Zealand Company

Image Credits: Flickr Tekno Pusula

Facebook has filed a lawsuit case against a company and three people in New Zealand. According to Facebook, the company repeatedly broke rules and continued with illegal practices even after warnings were issued. Link.



China’s Ambition to Create Moon Base Within a Decade, Is It Possible?

Image Credits: Flickr Joey Bocchieri

China is the first country to land on the moon’s dark side and it also conducted several experiments on the moon’s surface successfully. The country’s state-run publication first reported about the Chinese declaration to start a lab in the south pole of Moon with a permanent base there. Whether or not it will succeed in its plans will depend on the technology, and for now, that technology is definitely far and not achievable within a decade.


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