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Walmart Might Soon Launch Its Own Cloud Gaming Service – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Walmart Might Soon Launch Its Own Cloud Gaming Service, Will It Pose a Challenge?

Image Credits: Unsplash Caspar Camille Rubin

Walmart is serious about cloud gaming services and why it shouldn’t be as it’s the hottest running topics in the tech this week. Google just a few days ago, launched its own cloud gaming service called Stadia, which might make consoles obsolete. Walmart has six data centres across the world and it can be used as the backbone for this cloud gaming venture. The retail giant has all the resources to put into use. The company had also released a gaming laptop a while back called the Over Powered, but due to lack of good customer service, it failed. There are other challenges facing the company, the CTO that had worked with it for 8 years has left it for Pinterest and Microsoft too is working towards a cloud gaming service. Competition is high and Walmart’s challenge might not stand a chance in front of Google or Microsoft, at least for now. As reported on The Verge.



World’s First Wireless Electric Car Charging Station in Norway, Its Implications?

Image Credits: Fortum

Norway will be installing the world’s first wireless charging stations in Oslo for its electric taxis. The country plans to make its taxis zero emission complaint by the year 2023. Once fully operational, the charging of electric cars through the air will make this city to achieve this feat. Germany and France also have similar plans but their agenda is set for 2040. US-based firm ‘Fortum’ is the company behind this technology. Induction charging will allow cab drivers to park anywhere near the charging station and charge their cars. The company has claimed that this system will make cabs more energy efficient and reduce time wastage as well. As reported on Reuters.



Remember Edge of Tomorrow? Now See It in Reality

Image Credits: Sarcos YouTube

The United States Army is testing robotic exoskeletons that will turn its soldiers into superhumans. The exoskeleton will add extra power and make a soldier do work which was not possible before, leading to more stamina and a higher degree of efficiency. These exoskeletons have an uncanny resembles the type of exoskeletons that we saw in the movie Edge of Tomorrow. The full-body robotic skeleton, the Guardian XO will work for eight hours straight on a single charge. Sarcos, the company behind this machine, also said that the batteries are interchangeable and are replaceable on the field.



Wikipedia in EU is Turned Off, Will Local Politicians Save the Day?

Image Credits: Unsplash John Cameron

Wikipedia has turned off its website in the EU to protest the brutal copyright laws, which might threaten the very existence of this website. Not just Wiki but sites such as Reddit, Twitch, and even PornHub has requested its EU users to contact their respective local politicians to stop this copyright law. Given the present state of affairs in the EU, it seems highly unlikely that the local politicians will go against this law.



Facebook Acknowledges It Knew About What Cambridge Analytica was Doing, Finally

Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee
Facebook has acknowledged that it knew what Cambridge Analytica was doing on its platform before the reports broke out. In the latest reports, it has come out that the Facebook employees knew that Cambridge Analytica was accessing user information in an unethical way, but the firm no action. Meanwhile, in another report, it has come to light that Facebook had been keeping user passwords in text format that too in millions.
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