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Volvo and Audi to launch Google-powered infotainment system in their upcoming models

It is no wonder that most of the Smartphone devices from around the world are powered by the Google’s Android Operating System. Android reached a mark of 1.4 billion users in around mid-2015. It is estimated that there are around 3 users of the Google’s Android operating system for every Apple’s iOS user.

It isn’t a very uncommon thing these days to obtain basic functionality of Smartphone using the functionality provided by the manufacturers of various car companies. However, for using this service, users need to connect their Smartphones to the integrated infotainment system of the vehicles. Voice commands can be used to do the same.

But with the advent of technology and to top the stubborn race of dominance, Google has taken a step further. Google has teamed up with leading Automobile companies, Volvo and Audi to make an embedded infotainment system for cars using the already existing Android Nougat (version 7.0). The major advantage of this system would be its ease and its independence. You won’t need to connect your Smartphone device to your car using the piconet.

Google has already introduced Android Auto, an elucidation to boost the productivity of the feature-deficient car display. It offers set of features like picking up calls, controlling music, GPS.

However, the upcoming move of Google will tweak the existing Automobile system in such a way that the Android-based scheme will be capable of controlling basic functions like opening or closing the windows, changing the temperature of the Air Conditioner, changing seat position to name a few.

The commencement of the new initiative, Google Android Automotive, has its roots back in the time when Google introduced a Maserati Ghibli, a luxury sedan with an independent infotainment system running on the Android Operating System which was capable of controlling the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system.

The innovative changes would be reflected by Audi in the new Audi Q8 Sport concept whereas Volvo is planning to include the same in all the new models within two years.

Google has agreed to keep this latest automotive version of Android open source. It means you can still run Apple’s CarPlay or for that matter, Android Auto on the top of it.


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