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Vivalatina: Online Jewellery Store

Vivalatina is an Online Jewellery store which was founded by Nicholas Tranchant in July 2012. It is a one-stop shop for buying custom-made luxury Jewellery which cannot be purchased anywhere else. Nicolas and Reyna are a Franco-Mexican couple, who are specialized in designing custom-made jewellery with Gold, Silver and other precious metals.  They are very much devoted to Latino Culture and art. The couple used their experience in making French and Mexican handcraft jewellery along with latest technologies like 3D printing and CAD design to come up with this unique luxury Jewellery brand Vivalatina.


They initially started with selling handcrafted Silver Jewellery to customers and they are very talented in designing unique designed for Luxury Jewellery in their workshop. They had settled in Puerto Vallarta in Mexica from July 2012 when they founded their online jewellery store and they still continue to sell their Mexican handcrafted Jewellery through Vivalatina.

They have a team of experienced designers who have the mastery in designing special handcrafted Mexican Jewellery using Silver, Gold and precious stones like Diamond and pearl. Their jewellery designs are very creative and inspired by Latino culture of both Mexican and French origins. All their designs are genuine and characterized by a great emotional force which is driven by their affection to Latino culture and art.

You can browse their website for an excellent collection of wedding rings, 18 karat men signet rings and 18 karat Gold pendants. You can also order custom-made rings and other handcrafted jewellery through their website. You can request for specific quotations for each design before placing your order. Nicholas Tranchant is the founder and CEO of this online Jewellery store who manages the workshop and website.

When you order for any Jewellery through Vivalatina, great care is taken to create a unique piece of jewellery which is crafted with Silver, Gold and fine stones. They are more specialized in silver ornaments but they also work with gemstones and Gold. They use advanced technologies like 3D printing and 3D CAD to come up with exclusive designs for your custom-made ornaments.

The handcrafted jewellery with exceptional designs start with a price tag of 650 dollars and above and are targeted towards the elite customers from Europe and Mexico. With their experienced team of Jewellery designers, they are able to manage the complete design and fabrication process within their workshop. Their website managed to attract 413,000 unique visitors in 2017 alone and their business had grown by more than 120%. Their goal is to reach 1 million unique visitors by 2019 and to expand their Jewellery business across other international locations.

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