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Lenticular Printing Review

There are many advantages of using Lenticular printing, it can be used for marketing purposes too. Check out Lenticular printing review.

Lenticular printing has always been popular for many uses. It’s been used to give some flash to Cracker Jack prizes, and for other gimmicky images. But in the past few years, the popularity of lenticular printing has soared as a cool marketing tactic. As businesses search for new ways to appeal to more customers, lenticular marketing is popular once again.

No matter what business you’re in, your marketing efforts will likely be improved if you adopt some sort of lenticular printing into your marketing tactics. If you’re curious as to how your business can benefit from lenticular printing as a marketing tactic, check out this article

Before and After 

You can use lenticular technology to give an awesome before and after style photo that shows the improvements your customers can attain if they use your service. This style can be used for a lot of different services, and you can likely devise a way that you can benefit from using a before and after strategy with your lenticular printing in marketing.

For example, say your business offers home remodeling, you can submit two pictures of the home: one before, and one after. The company you choose to create the lenticular print will then combine the picture so customers are able to see both the before and the after by tilting whatever it is you choose to print it on. This is a very different, somewhat radical approach to the traditional before and after marketing, and it’s guaranteed to get your company noticed and likely generate some new business.

Business Cards content_marketing_opi_photo1094804-19-2013

Have you ever been handed a business card that’s so design-centric that it almost caused your jaw to drop? If you have, then you know the importance of business cards and how that importance never is going to go away. Even in the digital age, having a business card that awes is important, and having good business cards for your company is a key marketing tactic.
Adding lenticular technology to your business cards will no doubt make them stand out more so than any other business card. While you definitely want to stay away from business cards that are too flashy, lenticular printing will help differ your company’s business cards from the pack in order to make your business stand out. It’s an inexpensive way to generate buzz and specifically network, and you can guarantee that the business cards won’t end up in the trash.


Posters that are printed with lenticular technology are sure to be an eye-catcher, and will definitely generate some buzz surrounding your business. You can put up those posters anywhere and be guaranteed that the phone will start ringing as people take the time to really look at the posters because of the cool print design.

Whether you do the before and after strategy or get creative and do any other type of strategy, lenticular printing on posters is a win-win. It’s definitely a positive investment that will be great for your company’s marketing.

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