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How To Use Google Earth Online Without Downloading

Google has many innovative products and Google Earth is one of them so learn here how to use google earth online without downloading.

Google is known for their innovative products and Google Earth is one such product. Even avid travelers cannot travel and see all the places. You can see all those places which you desired to see through Google Earth. They made all this possible with the help of techniques like aerial photography, satellite imagery and geographic perception models. When it was introduced it just looked like a 3D map but now the details are so amazing that it’s almost like being there.

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When Google brought out Google Earth they made it into 3 types. The first one Google Earth was free but its functions were limited. Google Earth plus had more features but was stopped after some time and Google Earth Pro which can be purchased and so obviously has more features.

Though with limited features Google Earth was still useful to a lot of people; people like students, teachers etc. But there was a small problem which – you had to download it in order to view it. It was not a small application and hence occupied a lot of space so was not feasible for everyone. Therefore some kind of solution was required.

This problem was solved with the advent of Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to see detailed maps of anywhere in the world and you do not have to download it. You can browse on it online. If you have used Google Maps you will know that you can see Google Earth too. This is also available as a free app on android phones. But of course it is not so easy as to just go to maps and view Google Earth.

For this you need the Google Earth Plugin. It is also free and can be downloaded easily from the net. Online customers can use Google Earth plugin which uses javascript to allow them to use it to online rather than have to download it. You can even build 3D maps and applications to be built.

The Google Earth plugin is not only compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 and above but also other browsers like Apple Mac OS, Firefox 3.0, Safari 3.0 and many others. One specific benefit of using this plugin is that you can, not just see the buildings but layers of terrains, roads, etc.

If you feel that downloading Google Earth plugin is troublesome then there is another way too. If you look at Google Maps you will find that it now comes with a new tab called the ‘Earth tab’. You can find it next to the Satellite and Maps tab. By clicking on the Earth tab you get access to Google Earth online so that you don’t have to download Google Earth.

If you want to use something that has the features of Google Earth but does not have to be downloaded and at the same time combines the features of Google Earth and Google Maps then you can always use So to sum up Google Earth is a standalone program that has to be downloaded, Google Maps runs in your browser, Google Earth is a plugin which also has to be downloaded but does not occupy space like Google Earth and Wikimapia is a combination of everything.

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