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Use Android Tablet as Graphics Tablet Photoshop

In this article we will tell you how to use android tablet as graphics tablet for photoshop. Here’s the details.

Graphic Tablet is used as an input device for computers or portables for hand drawing and graphic images, in the similar manner of using a pencil with paper. They are being used for capturing handwritten signatures and data. It also allows tracing an image via a piece of paper and has a secured interface. You need to use the corners of linear lines of poly by digitizing.

The stylus is used in more than one way to draw or trace the design as the device is has a flat surface. The stylus is a stencil like device which is used for drawing. They have gained popularity in the artistic sphere. Photoshop does enhance a digital design when used on a tablet. Photographers widely use it for post processing. It enables them to create different layers of masking, dodging, burning etc. Now Educators also use Graphic tablets to share their notes and provide feedback on the topic assigned or shared with them.

How to use your android tablet as a graphic tabletTablets are also widely used in the CAD and architectural designs. The bottom-line is, tablets are gaining momentum in the market and there will be a time when they will be replacing the computer systems. They are available in different sizes and wide variety of price ranges.

A bunch of new applications have hit the market which can convert your Android tablet into a fully functional graphics tablet. Wacom Intuos5,being one such application but for its cost users need to rethink before spending on it . Xorg Tablet is another application developed via which enables you to use your Android Tablet as an input device in GIMP.

If you have got your Wi-Fi connected flawlessly, you could get connected with any workstation. But when you allow the Android as input device the mouse usually stops responding at the GIMP panel. To use the Xorg Tablet you need to have a machine with Linux OS which could run GIMP. The application requires at least android 4.0 versions or above.

But the only challenge is that it is yet to hit the stores for commercial use. The application works near flawlessly and enables transmission of data wirelessly. However don’t confuse this with NFC. It only uses a hotspot to get connected and share the internet for drawing data transmission. Unfortunately, currently there is no Windows driver or support available to it so the early-adopters need to be well equipped with Linux!

The Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 is an apt android tablet which could be used as a graphic tablet input panel. It is built to give you the perfect impression when pressed hard on the input panel using a stylus. It also comes along with the sensitive stylus which could be used to draw shapes or structures on its touch sensitive screen. Some of the top pen tablets for graphic designers are “ Trust Flex Ultra Thin Design 6*4.6 inch Tablet with Ergonomic wireless “, Genius G-Pen M712X Tablet etc.

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