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US to Test Underwater, Non-Human Spies – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


US to Test Underwater, Non-Human Spies

Image Credits: Flickr narendra44mail

The US military is going to test aquatic animals as spies. It wants to know whether this will lead to better results when compared to other spying methods. Recently, a piece of news had gone viral where it was claimed that a Beluga whale was caught with Russian spying equipment attached to its body. It seems the US military is now interested to do the same. According to reports, ocean life is ideal for long term surveillance. Link.



Is Google Chrome the Most Unethical Web Browser?

Google has decided, according to 9to5Google, that it will restrict the use of ad blockers and only the enterprise users will be able to use it. So, a user like you and me will not be able to use ad-blockers to its full capacity on the Chrome browser. The ability to wade off unwanted ads will greatly diminish, ones Google rolls out these new changes. It might also happen, according to reports, that other web browsers such as Firefox and Opera will benefit from this move. Link.



Researchers Claim That This App Can Stop Your Smoking Addiction

A university in Japan has claimed that they have developed an app that can help in preventing smoking addiction. The app developers are now working towards a permit from the government that will put this app in the category of a medical tool. Link.



Facebook Lawyer Says Users Have No Privacy On the Site

Just a day before the crucial Facebook shareholders meeting, the company lawyer has blatantly said that there’s no privacy on Facebook. Link.


MacBook Pro Explodes!

Image Credits: Twitter @White Panda

You might have come across the news of Dell laptops exploding under normal use, but have you ever heard of a MacBook Pro exploding? Here’s a link to a video that shows a MacBook pro on fire. Link.


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