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US – France 6,600 km Undersea Cable by 2020 – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


US – France 6,600 km Undersea Cable by 2020

Undersea Cables

Orange and Google are building an undersea cable that will connect US and France through an undersea internet cable. The project is completely private and will allow the telecom firm, Orange a capacity of transferring 1GB movie in 30 microseconds across the Atlantic. This is one of the several undersea cables that are part of Google’s next phase of expansion in the world of internet. The undersea cables are crucial for Google’s cloud platform and it has plans to add another 7 in the coming years, all through the private consortiums.



Tesla Beats Mercedes-Benz in Sales across the US

Tesla Happy Employees

For the first time in 8 years, since the inception of Tesla’s electric car, Elon Musk has finally beaten a 132-year-old luxury car maker in sales figure. Elon Musk had promised a fruitful year ahead and it seems that he has kept his promise. After the news of sales performance, the Tesla’s stocks rose 4.9% and some analysts suggest that over the next year it can rise up to 70%.



Canada Becomes The Second Country to Legalise Cannabis

Cannabis user

After the U.S. Canada has now legalised cannabis for recreational use by adults. The experts are on the fence when it comes to the effects of such a decision with cannabis. However, all agree that it will give an opportunity to the researchers to study cannabis more easily and find out how it will affect society.



Gillette to 3D Print Razor Handles in partnership with Formlabs

3D printing in action

3D manufacturing is an attractive idea that catches a lot of attention from the masses. Still, we have not seen any major manufacturer that uses 3D printing. All that might change, as Gillette is partnering with Formlabs, an M.I.T born startup, to foray into 3D printing manufacturing of its razor handles. It’s still in its nascent stage but users can visit the website to order a specific 3D printed razor handle that ranges from $19 to $45.



Drinking Water From Air, Thanks to Xprize Winner

Water from air banner

The Xprize winner has a life-saving technology to offer to billions of people around the world. WEDEW (Wood to Energy Deployed Water) is a system that converts the surrounding air into drinking water with the help of power generated by natural resources. The core of this technology works in a similar way as a cloud does. Not just it produces clean drinking water, it also produces a type of charcoal, as a waste product that can be used as a plant fertilizer.



Google News Costs $385 for some Unexpected Users

Google News Screen Shot

As early as June, Google News users have reported an excessive amount of mobile background data usage by the app. The users have reported this unusual problem on Google News Help Forum. This issue was acknowledged back in September and a spokesperson confirmed that Google is working on a fix. But, the users’ complaints are still mounting up with no solution in sight from Google. Some users were charged for mobile data despite the Wi-Fi selection and some have been charged for 24gb of mobile data amounting to $385.


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