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US Firms May Soon Get the Nod for Huawei Sales – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


US Firms May Soon Get the Nod for Huawei Sales

According to a senior US official, the government may soon release a new license for the US companies to start selling to Huawei within a couple of weeks. President Donald Trump will move the process in an expedited way. Link.



Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel Said That CIA and FBI Should Investigate Google

Image Credits: Flickr Ken Yeung

Peter Thiel who is on the board of Facebook has said that the FBI and CIA should investigate Google. Peter Thiel is one of the biggest players in Silicon Valley and the biggest tech supporter of Trump. Link.



Apple Watch to the Rescue Again

The SOS feature in Apple Watch has saved the life of a man from drowning. The man was jet skiing and met with an accident. He quickly turned to Apple Watch’s SOS feature. There have been several other instances where Apple Watch has saved lives around the world. Link.



Many Arcade Games From Microsoft are Getting Shutdown

Microsoft is shutting down the online versions of Hearts, Checkers, Spades and many other. But Solitaire will remain inside Windows 10, for now. Link.



By 2020 US Army Will Test Robotic Combat Vehicles

The US Army is going to test robotic fighting machines by 2020. The aim is to gauge the ability of US soldiers to use it appropriately. Link.


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