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US Army to 3D-Print Body Armour – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


US Army to 3D-Print Body Armour

US army patrolling at night
Image Credits: Flickr ru tactical

The US army is researching into 3D printing of body armours. If successful the United Stated army will be able to 3D-print body armours for the soldiers on the fly. It will give the infantry the independence to custom build the armour within a short time and without overshooting the costs either. Link.



Electric Cars to Triple in Number by 2021 in Europe

Image Credits: Flickr Chemose

According to a leading environment lobby in Europe, the number of electric vehicles in Europe is going to triple in number by 2021. Link.



Microsoft Most Valued Company, Beats Forecast

Image Credits: Flickr La Moncloa

Microsoft has taken the lead by a big margin against nearest competitor Apple by becoming the most valuable company. The software giant has beaten the Wall Street forecast and has registered unexpected profits this quarter. Link.



Trump Administration Will Review the Pentagon’s Computer Contract

Trump with umbrella
Image Credits: Flickr David P

The Trump administration is going to review the Pentagon’s computer contract. Trump has said that his administration will “take a very long look” at the Pentagon’s multi-billion dollar cloud computing contract. The project is touted to be in the vicinity of $10 billion that might go to Amazon Web Services. Link.


Chinese Space Station Will Come Crashing Down Over the Pacific

Chinese space station
Image Credits: Flickr Martin Jolicoeur

The Chinese Tiangong-2 space station is going to burn over the Pacific as its journey is coming to an end. Weighing 8 tons the space station will fall in the Pacific ocean. This tiny space station was put up in space in 2016 and has outlived its predicted lifecycle. Link.


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