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Unpleasant Changes in MS Cloud Services

Microsoft announced to the cloud users that there are unpleasant changes in MS cloud services.

Microsoft employees have had a busy weekend when Microsoft announced, sending notifications to the cloud users including Bing, SkyDrive and that it has revised the terms on which these services will be provided to them.

The business users that have been using Microsoft’s online utilities now have no right to sue Microsoft for any reason, have to access their accounts once in a fixed period of time to avoid expiration and most unpleasantly their information will be used by Microsoft for ‘better protection and improvement’; as Microsoft puts it.

This notification was sent to the users in the form of a lengthy TOS document in their mails.  These new terms are likely to be applicable by the end of this month. Some of the significant points have been lime lighted below:

  1. Applicable Products: These revised terms of service applies to a host of Microsoft’s products, the prominent ones be; Microsoft Account,, Bing, Windows Live Messenger, SkyDrive, Hotmail, MSN, Microsoft Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.
  2.  Use it or lose it: Microsoft customers are now required to sign in at least once in every 270 days in order to avoid cancellation of their accounts. Microsoft says that if one does not follow this protocol, his or her access to Microsoft branded services will be cancelled and his or her data may permanently be deleted from their servers.
  3. It’s Your Own Content: Microsoft clearly and explicitly stated that all the content uploaded to and through Microsoft’s services which includes; text, videos and pictures remains the property of end user only and he is responsible for it wholly.
  4. Though Microsoft Can Alter: By uploading your content to and through their services, you agree that the content may be modified, used, adapted, reproduced, saved , distributed and displayed as far as possible while protecting you and to improve Microsoft’s products and other services.
  5. Etiquette Anticipated: Microsoft reserves a right which allows it to abandon a user from any of its products and services in case of violating online etiquette including intellectual rights infringement and late payments.
  6. Someone’s Watching You: Microsoft can now disclose your personal info to third parties in case of legal obligations and requests in order to prevent ‘serious physical injuries or even loss of life to anyone’. It will also automatically upload info of your machine, your usage data of services and performance.
  7. Single License for Single User: These new TOS restrict a single user to use its online software and client based services on a single machine. Only one person has the right to install and use them on a single machine as stated by Microsoft.
  8. Binding Arbitration: You also agree that in case of any dispute, you will let an arbitrator to resolve it. So you do not have any right to go to the court and sue them.

So although Microsoft is ready to introduce new services and products from its side but this price is too much for a consumer as he may feel trapped sometimes. It seems as if Microsoft is going ‘unpleasant’ for its users lately.

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