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How To Unlock Personalization in Windows 8 Pro Build 9200

Learn here how to unlock personalization in windows 8 Pro Build 9200 by using activators.

For unlocking personalization, there are two activators for Windows 8 Pro build 9200 Final Release. These two activators can be operated both on laptops and PCs and are sure to work. Windows 8 is the latest version of OS, but it is undeniable that windows 7 was wrought with features like Pause, Resume, Copy, move command, faster booting and shutting down making it very popular. People who want to upgrade with windows 8 from Windows 7 have been facing strange problems that can be eliminated with these activators.

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  1. K.J. Permanent Activator for Windows 8

By nature, this activator is permanent that is it will last forever. However, Personalization feature will not be activated with the help of this activator. However, the software does provide instructions that can unlock personalization in the .txt file.

  1. KMS Activator 180 days Genuine Activator

This activator is also very functional, and one must try it. It enables activation of windows 8 for 180 days in one slot, and you always have the benefit of repeating the installation process to extend the time of activation. This will cause the problem of activation, and you will be the recipient of a genuine status of windows. This will help you to enjoy the unlimited features of Windows like installing or downloading software of certain genres.


  • These activators come as a boon to the freshly installed windows 8 OS and must be given a hand in.

  • You can extract and download any of the activators from the inventory that has been provided.

  • Most computers these days are virus protected with software, but to run these activators you will have to disable temporarily your anti-virus program. If you do not do so, you might be alarmed falsely that the K.J. activator is a malware- reading WPAkill. B

  • Ensure that .NET Framework 3.5 is running on your Windows 8. In the case it is not functional; just follow the link that has been provided.

  • While installing any activator follow instructions diligently.

To unlock personalizing options on your Windows 8, you will have to enable the 8 kms activator. But it is a well-known fact that the kms activator is hard to find. So you will have to operate with a fake activator but the catch again is that the fake activator does not allow personalization, account picture or start screen features.

Windows 8 activator is resplendent in the various blogs and technical sites, but they seldom open the treasure trove of updates and features on Windows 8. However, Windows 8 Professional Final Activator is a unique Windows 8 activator that unlocks and enables features in easy steps.

  1. Windows 8 Professional Final Activator

This is the very first activator that we will discuss in extent, and it is extremely potent with the Windows 8. It is a full proof solution to your unlocking, start screen, personalization and account picture options. If you are planning to activate Windows 8 Pro or core Final Edition, this is your final result.

How to Operate

  1. You will have to run this activator as administrator

  2. Hold your patience because it might take some time

  3. The program will automatically restart

  4. Check if windows have been enabled.


The activator is compatible with the following versions: Windows 8 professional, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 Core.

The Outcome of the Personalization Enabler

Once this activator has been run on your system you will be able to alter the account picture, start screen and lock screen by running the personalized enabler.


If Windows 8 is not activated, then the activator must be first used. Additionally, all open applications must be closed.

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