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Underpaid Facebook Moderators Get High Inside Office and Joke About ‘Suicide’ – Top Trending Stories

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Underpaid Facebook Moderators Get High Inside Office and Joke About ‘Suicide’, Stress Is the Leading Cause

Image Credits: Flickr Craig Kohtz

Facebook moderators are highly underpaid and are expected to do one of the most challenging works for the social media giant. At $28,800, they are not just heavily underpaid but are expected to deal with moderating content that is vile and is related to topics such as suicide, murder, gore, paedophilia, and what not. In a detailed report by The Verge, it has come to light that these stressed-out employees are finding unhealthy ways to cope with their workplace stress, which includes drugs and sex in the office. Currently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is under heavy scrutiny for his company’s role in unlawful data access of users’ most private information, including the period data of women trying to get pregnant. Facebook outsources the moderation work to Cognizant. After the story broke out, Facebook has published a blog post on its website.



After Samsung and Huawei now Oppo Releases Images of Its Own Foldable Phone

Image Credits: Flickr jangome me – Picture is for representation purpose only.

It seems that the smartphone makers are eagerly looking forward to the foldable phone mania. After Samsung and Huawei, Oppo is out with its foldable phone’s images. And it closely resembles Huawei’s foldable phone. Oppo has made it clear that it will wait and watch how the market responds to the foldable phone craze. And if it feels that there is indeed a market for the foldable phone then only will it launch its version of foldable phones.



1 TB microSD Card is Here, Say Goodbye to Your Mobile Storage Woes!

Image Credits: Pixabay
The ever-increasing demand for storage has finally caught up with microSD card makers. In the latest release, both Micron and Western Digital have launched 1 TB microSD cards for mobile storage. Western Digital has claimed that not only storage but the performance of these cards have gone up from 100MB/s to 160MB/s. The Western Digital’s Sandisk 1 TB microSD card will cost $449.99, whereas Micron has not revealed the pricing yet. It has said that it will price it competitively.


Do You Want to Get Paid for Your Personal Data? California Thinks So

Gavin Newson
Image Credits: Flickr Bureau of Land Management California

Tech giants such as Google and Facebook use our personal data to make umpteen profits. If you want it to stop, you will end up not using the internet. But, California Gov, Gavin Newson thinks that why not charge the companies that use people’s data for making profits. He has termed it ‘data dividend.’ This idea isn’t new, back in 2017 a similar plan was in place. It’s all about paying some dividend or taxing extra on tech companies. For this plan to succeed, a bill needs to get passed. However, tech giants have not shown any interest in this matter. Nor do any of us know, as to how much these tech giants make in profits by directly using our data. But, the process has started, where these firms are held liable in some way to use people’s personal data.



Humanities Entire Backup Plan on SpaceX’s Falcon 9, Will Land Upon Moon

Image Credits: Flickr US Air Force

Something spectacular has happened on Thursday. Falcon 9 of SpaceX was launched with 30-million page backup plan of humanity and it will now get stored on the moon, where the rocket is headed. The disk that is carrying this information will last for a whopping 1 billion years. The Lunar Library is part of a project wherein the cultural backups are been sent to several locations on Earth and out into the Solar System as well. The Arch Mission Foundation is conducting it under its Billion Year Archive initiative.


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