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How to Unarchive Messages on Messenger

If you are a Facebook user and archived a message on messenger then learn here how to unarchive a message on messenger.

Facebook has become even more popular method of staying in touch with friends than usual telephone calls or text messages. And with its messenger you can now chat with your buddies even without logging into your Facebook account using PC. But if you often use Facebook or Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends then you might know about archiving messages.

Archiving is basically just removing a message from the active message list but not deleting it permanently. You can always get back your archived messages by simply un-archiving them. But if you are facing trouble in finding how to unarchive messages on messenger then you are at the right place. Follow our guides below to know how to unarchive message on messenger using Facebook account.

how to unarchive messages on messenger

How Do You Unarchive A Message On Facebook

Step 1–> Login to your Facebook account first.

Step 2–> Once you are at the Facebook profile home page, click on the message symbol that is available on top task bar of page next to Notifications and Friend Requests symbols.

Step 3–> A list of people with whom you have had conversations will be displayed. Move your cursor to the top right corner of the messages tab and clock on the “search messages” dialog box there.

Step 4–> Now type the name of your friend whose messages you want to unarchive now.

Step 5–> The message list with this friend will open. The archived messages won’t be visible now in this list.

Step 6–> Now click on the actions menu down arrow there above the messages panel.

Step 7–> A drop-down list will open. Select the option to “un-archive” messages from there and all the archived messages will be unarchived within a moment. You will be able to see all those messages again in the message list.

Un-archiving message directly from Facebook Messenger

Step 1–> Open your messenger and browse to messages.

Step 2–> Click on the search magnifier icon situated on the right corner of your display.

Step 3–> Select the archived messages from there now and beside every message will be an option to “un-archive message”.

Step 4–> Click on the “un-archive” option and confirm the action to unarchive all the archived messages.

So this is all you need to know to unarchive message on Facebook. Though the method using Facebook Messenger is faster but not everyone may get the option to unarchive message using Messenger. For them the only option is to unarchive messages using Facebook account. So follow the simple instructions given above and unarchive your archived messages as easily as it can be.

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