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UK to announce drone registration and owner test soon

The United Kingdom government has announced its plans to require the drone users to register their devices. Moreover, they would require sitting for tests as well. The reason behind this step according to the UK government is safety concerns for a safer use of this technology. Hence, soon UK drone registration and owner test will become a necessity.

To improve the accountability and encouraging the owners to act with responsibility. The UK has plans to regulate the use of drones weighing over 250 grams. If the plan becomes law. The drone owners will need to register their drones with the authority.

In the US a similar plan was struck down by the appeals court. In that, the drone owner needed to register the drone with Federal Aviation Authority. However, there is still a chance the Congress in the US might legislate on it.

UK drone registration and owner test

The UK drone registration and owner test are touted as drone safety awareness program. In it, the drone owners will need to prove certain understanding about drone and its safe usage. It will test owner’s capability to assess safety and security. Moreover, it will also test whether the owner knows the privacy regulations.

However, there is no time frame for this plan to come in to force. Moreover, there is no specific detail on this law’s implementation. The use of the word “may” when talking about registration shows that the government is still not sure of its plans. Further, it seems that the government is still exploring its options.

The drone has taken over our lives in many aspects. They help to maintain peace. Help scientists and explorers. Moreover, they have become a piece of both everyday use and experiment. A law to register a drone and owner awareness test has its own challenges. Whether registration will happen through an app or will it take place offline. What would the minimum age limit for the drone owners be? Besides all this, the government needs to make sure that the use of drones is still free of coercion. And there is no gray area in between the law and the user rights.

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