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Uber’s Safety Report Is Unbelievable – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Uber’s Safety Report Is Unbelievable, Over 6000 Sexual Assualt Cases!

Uber drivers protest captured on camera
Image Credits: Flickr Wayne S. Grazio

Uber has released its long-awaited safety report for the period 2017 – 2018. And the results are shocking. There are over 6000 sexual assault cases cited in the report. These incidents include various kinds of sexual assaults. Next time be more careful with your Uber ride. Here’s the link to the full report. Link.



Emotion-Sensing Robot Will Now Help Astronauts Beat Space Loneliness, Can It?

Chinese space station
Image Credits: Flickr Martin Jolicoeur

NASA has prepared a robot that is capable of sensing the mental state of an astronaut.  The robot is going to be stationed in the International Space Station and will detect the mental health of astronauts with speech detection. Link.



Qualcomm Teams Up With Pokemon Go Developers For AR Headsets

VR headsets

The chipmaker, Qualcomm and the famous Pokemon Go game’s developers have come together to create hardware for the next-gen augmented reality glasses. It will have industry-first 8K capability with the 360-degree operation. The headsets will also support 5G and will be based on Qualcomm’s XR2 platform. These AR headsets should be available by 2020.  Link.



5G Will Boost Smartphone Growth?

5G illustration

According to the latest report, 67% of the mobile users have said that they will upgrade to the new handsets when 5G is available to the consumers. 5G might bring some hope for the dwindling smartphone sales over the past couple of years. Link.



You Don’t Need To Share Your Mobile No. Anymore On Facebook

Facebook building
Image Credits: Flickr Eston Bond

All these years, one would need to give their mobile numbers while logging in to Facebook account. But after the latest update that won’t be necessary. Facebook calls it the simplifying of the login process. Also, it provides more control in the hands of the user. The update isn’t available in all regions. Link.


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