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Uber no longer a one man show- Kalanick’s role diminishes

The Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is on leave of absence of unspecified length and in his absence, the committee of 14 executives will take care of the company and will report to him. Moreover, Kalanick’s right-hand man Emil Michael is no longer with him after his removal from the company. All the day to day working of the company now rests with 14 member committee.

Moreover, according to various sources who are familiar with the matter, say that from now on Uber will run under a committee of 14 members directly reporting to Kalanick. Uber CEO in his latest letter to Uber team said that he is taking a leave of absence after his tragic loss of his mother in a boating accident. However, it seems the troubles for Uber CEO are not settling down easily. Travis Kalanick

Here is the list of executives who would run the show now:

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Regional General Manager
Andre Macdonald, Regional General Manager, LatAm & APAC
Daniel Graf, VP, Product Management
Rachel Holt, Regional General Manager, US & Canada
Eric Meyhofer, Head of Advanced Technology Group
David Richter, SVP, Business
Jeff Holden, Chief Product Officer
Frances Frei, SVP, Leadership and Strategy
Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer
Jill Hazelbaker, SVP, Policy and Communication
Ryan Graves, SVP, Operations
Liane Hornsey, Chief Human Resources Officer
Thuan Pham, Chief Technology Officer
Salle Yoo, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
The Uber spokesperson has confirmed the recent developments to press. The spokesperson has said that the whole team is excited about the opportunities ahead. Moreover, the selected members of the committee possess strong leadership skills and can help make this business grow to new heights.

The members of the committee are chosen for their skill and stellar performance with the firm and will lead the functioning of Uber. However, Kalanick will also play a role in the board of directors. Moreover, the major decisions in the company will still require his consent.

At last, the Uber’s fate is in the hands of this committee and whether they will make an impact or not only time can tell. For now, it seems that the company is able to pull itself out of the rut. Moreover, all the recent scandals affecting the company can now be put to rest.

It is a way forward for the company which revolutionised the cab hailing services. Streamlining the industry and providing superior services through the friendly use of cabs. Moreover, Uber is 12,000 strong firm operating around the globe. The decision-making process in the firm is not easy with several layers of processes challenging the implementation of ideas.

However, the image of Uber with Travis being the “Ultimate decision-maker” is now over. Moreover, the final word will come from the committee and not Travis. Therefore, a case of conflict and taking sides is not out of question as well.

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