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Uber Expanding into Self-Driving Electric Scooters and Bicycles – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Uber Expanding into Self-Driving Electric Scooters and Bicycles, a Good Idea?

A women riding e-scooter
Image Credits: Flickr BikePortland

According to the investigation by The Telegraphs, Uber has plans to develop self-driving electric scooters and bicycles. The reporter has discovered that the firm is hiring for ‘micro mobility robotics’ engineers and it’s a clear indication that the company is serious about going that route. Uber, if it adopts this plan stands to benefit from it immensely. It can help it to better its relations with the officials and use the self-driving tech in electric scooters to reduce the overhead costs such as maintenance and charging service assistance. Uber has declined to offer any comment so far.



Oracle Charged with Systematic Underpayment of Women Employees, Lawsuit Filed

Image Credits: Oracle Facebook

A class action against the Oracle alleges that the company systematically underpaid its women employees compared to their male counterparts for the same amount of job. On average, the female employees received $13,000 less when compared to their male colleagues. And the numbers are in thousands and not in hundreds. The motion was filed on Friday and not less than 4,200 women have come forward with their side of the story. The lawyers are confident that there is significant statistical evidence to back what these women are saying. Lawyers allege that Oracle paid 3.8% less in base salary to women in the same job position plus 13.2% less in bonuses, and a whopping 33.1% less in stock value.



Google Launches AI Contest for Social Good, Plus Many Other Benefits!


Google has launched an AI contest for submissions by organizations that work in the AI field and have the main focus on social problems. It wants to help those organizations with its expertise. And will award $25 million from its grant to the winning team. Also, it will support the winning members with its own staff that works in the AI at Google. Apart from being a fundraising opportunity for the budding AI firms, it’s also a direct way to get in touch with the leading AI engineers in the world at Google. There will be a direct collaboration with Google through its Launchpad Accelerator program.



Ducati is Going the Electric Way, Says ‘Future is Electric’

Image Credits: Ducati Facebook

Ducati is hinting towards a future where all its motorcycles might run on electric motors. The CEO, Claudio Domenicali said to guests at an event in Spain that the “Future is Electric.”  The CEO didn’t reveal many details about the specification of the electric motorcycles in the pipeline but said that the production of such vehicles isn’t far and will start production soon. Ducati is a late entrant in this category as even the traditional company like Harley is already into the electric business. So, the question remains whether Ducati is looking for a single electric model or is it going to produce several models in the electric category?



A Petition Feature is Coming to Facebook, Is It a Counter-Strike?

Mark Zuckerberg at the U.S. Congress hearing
Image Credits: Flickr Steven Stern

Facebook is launching a petition feature on its platform. The feature will allow its users to start petitions against the officials. Facebook’s actions might be retaliation. But as far as the people are concerned the petition feature will give them ammunition to target their local politicians. Facebook isn’t the first such service provider, but its reach and community strength might have a greater reach and impact. But the latest offering from Facebook also has its downsides as some allege that the feature can be used for targeting minority groups. After testing the feature in several markets, Facebook will launch it in the US tomorrow. Here’s an example of a petition on Facebook, take a look.


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