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Uber Eats to Takeover 70 Percent of US Market by end of 2018 – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Uber Eats Sets its Sight on 70% of US Market by End of 2018

Uber Eats Event in India

Uber Eats is the ride-hailing company’s food delivery subsidiary. Already covering 50% of the food delivery market in the U.S., it now plans to take it to 70% within two and a half months. It’s an ambitious plan but it’s also crucial for the company’s IPO. The success of Uber Eats will add a punch to the company’s value when it goes public. To achieve this milestone, Uber is targeting less dense suburban communities. It also has plans to partner with big restaurant chains such as TGI Friday’s and Red Lobster. Future Uber Eats app updates will make it more easy to signup for restaurants. Currently, 100,000 restaurants are registered with Uber Eats in the U.S.



Yahoo to Pay $50 Million in Settlement for Security Breach

Yahoo Listed on NASDAQ

In one of the largest security breach that involves 200 million U.S users and more than three billion email accounts have come to a settlement of $50 million. The two-year-old lawsuit has come to a possible end. Yahoo has also agreed to pay $35 million lawyers fee that its affected users need to pay. All small businesses that were affected will also be compensated accordingly. Premium Yahoo mail service subscribers will receive a 25% refund of their subscription amount.



‘Tech Tax’ is Necessary, Explains Leading Economist

New Apple headquarters

Leading economist, Jeffery Sachs has warned that AI can lead to wealth concentration in the hands of few. Hence, according to him, it’s inevitable to introduce a ‘tech tax’ which will help in evading a dystopian future. Sachs back tax schemes that will target the tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others. According to Sachs, there needs to be a new law that will replace the existing intellectual property law.



Back to Basics, Facebook Revamps Messenger

Messenger filters effect

Facebook is revamping the latest Messenger with an update that solely focuses on one thing, your chats. For several years, Facebook was trying all the different things to monetize its messaging app. From bots to games, Facebook really did try all things but lost its sight when it comes to a simple function of chat for its users. Thankfully, things have changed. With the latest update, Facebook has followed its user’s advice. In a company survey, the Messenger users said that the most important feature of a messaging app is its simplicity. Finally, Facebook has listened to its user base.



HTC Launches Blockchain Smartphone ‘Exodus 1’

Exodus 1 website shot

The Taiwanese smartphone maker that brought out the first Andriod phone a decade ago has launched its first Blockchain smartphone with exciting features. The pre-orders are available on the company’s website. You can purchase this phone only through bitcoins and ethereum. It has a 6-inch QHD+ display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The phone is comparable to Google pixel 3 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  The phone is able to support decentralised apps such as CryptoKitties and can function as your crypto-wallet too.  Available in 34 countries across Europe and the U.S, it’s not surprising that it will not be sold in China where cryptocurrencies are banned.



Tim Cook Asks for GDPR-Like Privacy Policy in The US

Tim Cook Apple CEO

According to the Apple CEO, the personal data of millions of Americans is being weaponised. At a privacy conference, Tim Cook in Brussels said that the modern tech has enabled a “data-industrial complex” which has resulted in a weaponised attack against the citizens. According to him, the fear of rogue government using this data against innocent people is not crazy. He applauded Europe’s data privacy laws and said that the rest of the world must follow in the same direction.


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