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Uber Copter: Coming Soon – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Uber Copter: Coming Soon, In New York

According to Bloomberg, Uber will soon launch its helicopter service in the state of New York. Users will soon be able to book flight service from within the app, just like booking a cab. The helicopter rides will start from July 9th and will cost $200 to $225 per person. Link.



Now Check Real-Time Stock Data on Excel

Image Credits: Mixmax

Now the users of Microsoft Excel will be able to check stock data on a real-time basis from within the excel sheets. You’ll be able to see the latest stock prices, financial information, and trading volume as well. If you’re into bitcoins then Excel also provides data for it. From bonds to international currencies, Excel will become a one-stop stock analysis platform for many. You will also be able to check the historical data for the last 52 weeks. The company which is providing this service to Excel has said that they will keep on adding the latest features for the users of the stock market. Link.



Hackers Can Now Break Your Password by Just Listening In

According to the latest research, hackers can break your password by just listening to how you type it. So, how can you be safe? The research has shown that short passwords are easy to break in by listening, but if you have a longer password then it becomes difficult to figure out. Link.


Netflix to Compete with Instagram?

To attract the younger ones, Netflix is testing Instagram’s ‘Stories’ like feature on its platform called ‘Extras.’ This feature will present the content in Instagram-style to the users. It will replace the existing ‘coming soon’ tab on the Netflix app. This latest feature is available to a subset of users, but if your app was recently updated then you’ll be able to see it. Link.



Amazon’s Delivery Drones to Debut Soon, Will Cut Delivery Time Considerably

Amazon is working hard to cut its delivery time for its prime members. To achieve this it will soon start to deliver through its drones. The company revealed its plans to launch drone delivery within a couple of months on its blog post. Link.


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