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Isn’t ‘Twply’ getting too much of Instant Publicity…

twplyIn this article we will tell you about twply service which is a twitter based service that lets you receive @replies to your e-mail.

First of all a Very Happy New Year to all you guys out there…

Getting back to the topic,Twply,a twitter based service that lets you receive @replies to your e-mail has been quick bubbling in blogosphere and i am just unable to find many reasons for it,both good or bad.

This service hasn’t much reasons to be talked about in a positive way and the other reason(massive criticism,which also brings undue awareness) to instant publicity is looking really astounding.

Reasons ?…It automatically twitters a self-promoting message through your twitter account(if you sign up for the service) to publicize itself to your followers.As this is quite a usual practice followed by every other newly launched service to get heard in fastest way possible hence no offences here.And the other reason for instant blogo-burst(Blogosphere Outburst) is rather ridiculous.If  Twply got sold for $1,200  just one day after its launch then one can’t put it as a reason to criticize the service.Rather,the reason for selling Twply is more interesting(which also proves how stupid the folks who built this service are).

This is why they sold it…

This site is being sold because our servers cannot handle the load of the site, and the overwhelming traffic the site has been getting.

And i seriously don’t want to express my thoughts over this “great” idea of selling your service to anyone just because you are afraid to handle the bare minimum requisites that any web service has to bear(that to when you’re gaining instant popularity on the web).

But anyway,the service has bagged(and still bagging) much more buzz than it really deserved,whatever way it may be.

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