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Two new funds to be set up in US and India by Amit Rathore of Quintype

Amit Rathore who is a well-known entrepreneur and investor from Silicon Valley has plans to launch to investment funds one in India and the other in the United States. The group of investors well have a combined Corpus amount of $244 million. The investment will be made in the early stage and late stage technology ventures in both India and the United States.

Rathore is the founder of Quintype which is a digital publishing startup in Silicon Valley.  The startup has seen a lot of success and they are soon going to come out with Quintype-2. Rathore with his experience in the startup has launched small-scale venture capital firm with help from Gunther Sonnenfeld and Andrew Markell of High Order VC.  All the investors in this endeavour will together launch these funds.

Rathore in a press release said that the funds will focus on Data Analytics, Digital Media and Technology products. The venture capital partners will work from offices based in London, Hong Kong and India.

The first fund will primarily focus on the early stage startups. Rathore said, when early-stage startups raise their next round of investments, the fund partners would like to keep their existing percentage or would like to double down, which would come from the second fund. He also said that the funds were ready to go live and would soon start to invest in the early stage Ventures.

Data would play a vital role when it comes to investing in startups. According to Rathore the time span of investment which is currently around 7 years must come down to about 4 years in this internet age. He emphasised that he would like to see data being used to increase the returns for the venture capital firms.

Rathore said that there won’t be any $10-20 million rounds of investment at present. Although, funds are betting big on digital media. Rathore is highly interested in journalism and hence, digital media is the main focus.

Recently SoftBank announced its gigantic $100-billion Vision Fund. This has created a lot of interest in the startup investments around the world. The trend in investments have seen a significant uptick due to this. Although, it has also created a lot of concerns that it might trigger a bubble due to large funding rounds.

In India, the story is not that different either. Flipkart and Paytm having able to raise $1.4 billion this year making both of them Unicorn companies. The funds were raised by blue-chip investors such as SoftBank and Tencent Holdings, among others. Rathore is confident of his ventures to succeed in the Indian market.

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