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Twitter under Attack : Phishing,Celebrity hacks…What Next ???

twitter-hackedCelebrity twitter accounts got hacked yesterday and the support tools had to be taken offline.

Past week,twitter was having a bad time,dealing with phishing attacks and following up with it was yesterday’s celebrity account hacks(Barack Obama,Bill O Reilly,Britney spears and 30 more such accounts).

Although,the hacks came to a halt after Twitter took the support tools offline,the hackers behind it had done what they wanted to…breaching twitter’s security to the best possible level.

Although many followers might have enjoyed/amused the tweets that were bubbling out from the hacked celebrity accounts,such an act has revealed the vulnerability of Twitter to a great extent.

A phishing attack(which Twitter earlier had) was more of an external attack for Twitter but such a fatal ‘serial hacking’ reveals more about the technical loopholes of this micro-blogging platform and might give celebrities a reason,not to opt for it as a mode of connecting with their fans/followers.

So,the next question is….What Next ?Is there anything worst than this waiting to happen with Twitter…?


Probably NO ! Actually,it can’t be.For a site like Twitter,this can certainly be called the worst thing that could happen to them..Call it Twitter’s ignorance or sharp skills of hackers behind this attack,Twitter won’t ever forget what actually happened yesterday….

But Twitter would most definitely retaliate to what happened yesterday.You might hear news of Hackers behind this attack getting identified and followed up with strict legal punishment.

With exponentially growing population on twitter and its growing problems (downtime,phishing and now hacking attacks) as well,twitter seems to be tasting both sweet and sour.

Wish you luck Twitter !

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