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Twitch Sued For $2.8 B – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Twitch Sued For $2.8 B, By Russian Firm

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Twitch is being sued for $2.8 billion by a Russian firm over pirate broadcasts of English Premier League. Rambler group of Russia, which is the third biggest internet company in the country alleges that Twitch telecasted the league games 36000 times between August and November 2019. It is seeking a permanent ban of Twitch in Russia. Twitch’s lawyer has dismissed the charges. Russia has the third-largest user base of Twitch. The court in Moscow city will hear the case on 20th December. For now, the streaming of the English Premier League is banned on Twitch until the case is going on. Link.



Uber To Sell Its Food Delivery Business In India

Uber Eats Facebook Banner

Uber is reportedly selling its food delivery business Uber Eats in India to a local competitor. According to reports, Uber is planning to sell it to Zomato, another food delivery and restaurant reviews app for $400 million. Uber will also invest $200 in Zomato. Link.



Boeing 737 Max To Go Out Of Production?

Boeing 737 Max
Image Credits: YouTube

Boeing is reportedly going to stop the production of its troubled 737 Max passenger jets by January 2020. According to reports, there are many reasons for this to happen, from lack of parking spaces for jets to slow pace of the investigation. The FAA hasn’t published any official reports on 737 Max crashes. Link.



Netflix’s First Region-Based Subscription Report, Guess Who Binges Most?

Man watching tv

In a first, Netflix in its regulatory filing has revealed the region-based subscription of its streaming services. And the good news is that it has grown faster in the region outside of the United States and Canada for the period 2017 to 2019. Surprisingly, the streaming giant has sold $450 million worth of DVDs in the US and Canada for the year 2017. Also, Canadian users paid $800 million for Netflix subscription. Link.



Amazon Bans FedEx Ground Delivery By Sellers

FedEx Van

For Christmas, Amazon is banning its seller’s from using FedEx for prime deliveries. The e-commerce giant feels that the service is too slow for the festive time of Christmas.  The ban is temporary and the sellers can still use pricier FedEx Express deliveries. Link.


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