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How To Turn Off Windows 8 Magnifier

If the windows 8 magnifier feature has become nuisance then learn here the complete process to turn it off. 

The windows 8 magnifier is a useful feature of windows 8. It makes thing look bigger. It can be anything text or icons. It can even magnify media articles. The magnifier is also useful when you are using a wireless mouse and keyboard.

So if you are at considerable distance away from the system then it is a nice to be able to magnify things and view them. But when it starts hovering on everything making them bigger and you want thing to be normal the magnifier becomes a nuisance. You can turn off the magnifier in such instances. Here’s how you can do it.

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  • The first thing to do is open the windows 8 operating system. On the lower right hand corner you will find a search button click on it. Type control panel.
  • Once you find the control panel which will be on the left side click on it.
  • On the new window that appears you will find a drop down list. From the list, drag down the large icon tab to the right hand corner of the window.
  • Now another window will open up and you will find the articles of the control panel on it.
  • Again search for Ease of Access Center. Once you come across it click on it and again a new window will appear.
  • From the available options click on Optimize visual display link which is – Make the computer easier to see.
  • Here you will find the option which turns on the magnifier. Click on the tick box to clear it and disable the magnifier.

Sometimes you can accidentally enable the magnifier when using other applications. The shortcut key for opening the windows magnifier is WinKey & +. Now if you are using another application say Photoshop which uses the Ctrl key to zoom in and out, you can press the WinKey by mistake instead of the Ctrl key then you might end up enabling the Windows 8 magnifier. Therefore you need a more permanent solution to stop this from happening.

You can follow these steps to turn off the magnifier permanently but be warned – if you think you might need the magnifier later then do not proceed further.

  • First step is to get into the command prompt mode as admin. For this just right click on the start menu icon. Select Command Prompt (admin).
  • On the prompt run this command.

>takeown/f C:WindowsSystem32Magnify.exe

And then this command

>cacls C:WindowsSystem32Magnify.exe/G administrator:F

What these commands will do is change the permission to modify the Magnify. Exe file to admin. Unless you type this command you will get the File Access Denied message if you try to access that file even if you have admin rights.

  • Exit the command prompt.
  • Open your browser and go to System32 on Windows.
  • Find the Magnify.exe
  • To rename it just right click on it and name it as Magnify_disable.exe
  • If your settings do not show the exe extension do not add the extension.

Now try and press the Winkey & + shortcut and you can see that the Windows 8 Magnifier is permanently turned off

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