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Tubalytics – Your Go-to YouTube Analytics Solutions For Marketers And Agencies

Tubalytics is a start-up founded by Alex Samoylenko in Aug 2018 which offers analytics solutions for marketers and agencies to discover growing channels in YouTube.  It is a comprehensive intelligence system which offers detailed information to marketing agencies and helps them with their day-to-day work such as,

  1. Identification of fastest-growing channels in YouTube
  2. Audience ratings for the various YouTube channels
  3. Influencer discovery
  4. Paid promotion cost estimation
  5. Search videos with promoted content
  6. Explore YouTube trends
  7. Influencer relationship management system
  8. Plan, Execute, Monitor and Manage YouTube campaigns
  9. Filter Diverse channel tops
  10. Provide In-depth analysis about each YouTube channel and understand the target audience for these channels.


According to a report from YouTube in mid-2017, there were 75% more channels which had more than 1 million subscribers. This sparked the idea among the founders of Tubalytics, to develop a compressive solution which can help digital marketers and PR agencies to find powerful channels with YouTube with hot trending topics and execute their video marketing campaigns successfully. It also helps them to interact with top influencers in YouTube and offers a platform for communicating with them.

Tubalytics solution provides you the list of Top channels for each country and detailed information as shown below such as,

  1. Audience Rating
  2. Total Number of Subscribers for the channel
  3. Total videos
  4. Total Views per video
  5. Comment Rate and Like Rate
  6. Total Views for the Channel

Tubalytics is a complete analytics solution for influencer marketing which helps PR agencies to spot growing channels in YouTube and identify current trends. It also helps them to understand the target audience and demographics of each YouTube channel which is essential for marketing agencies to organize their promotional campaigns.


Apart from identifying the top influencers along their age and gender, Tubalytics also helps you to find out their promoted videos.  This will help you to reach out to potential influencers who are already promoting various products/services which imply the response rate will be high. You can reach out to the influencers directly whom you feel can act as ambassadors for your brand.

Tubalytics also provides historical data for each channel along with meaningful insights which will help you to figure out the most popular channels with better growth rate in future. The channel states such as “Rising Star” and “Challenger Rank” as shown below will help marketers to understand the potential growth rate for each channel based on historical data.

They have also developed an intelligent system to estimate the cost for promotional videos on such popular YouTube channels. This will help the marketing agencies in negotiating the best possible price for ad placement in various channels. It will also assist them in budgeting for paid promotional campaigns with top influencers.

Once a marketer identifies potential bloggers to promote a product, he can also get detailed insights about the social media metrics for the influencer along with historical data such as Views per video over the last year. They have also developed an Influencer relationship management system which helps marketers to manage their relations with YouTube bloggers. They can interact with the bloggers using this platform and discuss regarding the marketing requirements and negotiate the best possible price.

Social Links 

Channel page

For each channel, Tubalytics provides lots of useful metrics, such as average views per video, audience rating, growth potential, and many more. Unlike others, we do not display metrics that are useless for you. Also, you will receive helpful marketer’s tips related specifically to selected channels based on Tubalytics’ deep data analysis.

Campaign planner

They also have a campaign planner tool which helps marketers to organize campaigns with selected YouTube influencers, manage and monitor the progress of each campaign.


Tubalytics is a one-stop solution for influencer marketing in YouTube which is a handy tool for any marketing agency. Their pricing is also very competitive and they offer better features when compared to similar tools available in the market.

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