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Trump Can’t Block Critics on Twitter Anymore – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Trump Can’t Block Critics on Twitter Anymore, Court Rules

A federal court has quashed Trump’s argument stating that he’s using his account as a private person. The court ruled that according to the first amendment, the President of the United States cannot block his critics on an open social network. Trump uses this Twitter account for all of his official announcement. Earlier there was a mystery meeting between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Trump behind closed doors in White House. Also, Twitter has banned accounts of groups that were targeting religious accounts. Link. Link.



Facebook Might Double the Number of Women In Its Workforce

Facebook in its diversity report has said that it will double the number of women in its workforce and will also consider more minorities. The social network will add these numbers over the next five years and will do it worldwide. Link.



3D-Printed Bones And Skin? Bioprinting In Space!

Scientists are experimenting with 3D-printed bones and skin for injuries that would take place in space. By the time the Mars mission takes place, there might be such technology in place for the astronauts. Link.



AI Much Better At Researching than Humans?

AI has been able to make discoveries that humans missed in old research papers. Researchers had trained an AI to go through some of the old research papers and the results are shocking! The discoveries are completely new and might make human researchers obsolete in future if AI continues to improve in this field. Link.



NASA Apollo Computer Used For Bitcoin Mining, The Results …

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A team of computer historians used a NASA computer that was onboard Apollo mission for mining bitcoins. The system was able to compute a single hash value in every ten seconds. By all means, this is far below the capacity when compared to the modern systems that do it in millions. But at its time, this NASA Apollo computer was one of the lightest systems in the world weighing just 31.75 kg. Link.


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