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How to Track Your Yearly Startup Performance with a Printable Calendar?

Any entrepreneur might tell you that the first year of a startup is a continuous race for survival, balance, growth. Once the idea takes shape into a headquarter with offices and employees, everything becomes more demanding. The plan from the paper asks for accomplishment, while the market is anything but predictable. This is when the printable calendar comes in to support you in keeping up with your schedule and evolution.

Time is of the essence for an entrepreneur. Time can also be a reliable ally in the fight for predicting, responding and conquering as much of the market as you can. Really, time matters above payments, revenue and growth? Time handles quality work, so it can optimize everything you need. Here’s how to use time in your favor and enjoy its benefits!

Why Use a Printable Calendar?

  • Printable calendars are accessible. They don’t require additional budget except what you already pay for paper and electricity – for the sheets of paper and printer you will use. You can find formats of calendars for the entire year that you can download free of charge. Bookmark resources such as CalendarTable so that you can easily print new calendars every month.
  • There’s no learning process involved. You only need to place the calendar in a visible spot, consult it and maybe mark a certain date for tasks. You don’t need to learn or train your employees on using a printable calendar.
  • You can motivate employees to measure their own performance just by implementing the calendar usage. They can use the calendar to organize tasks and boost their productivity by sticking to the plans they develop.
  • You can evaluate and improve working with the calendar. You use the monthly calendar for an entire year. So, in the next months you can dedicate time to see how you’ve managed to keep up with your deadlines, how much time certain tasks took and if there is any redundant time on unimportant responsibilities. You only need to keep your old calendar sheets at hand.
  • It’s easy to minimize multitasking. Once you’ve set purposes into your calendars, you need to cover them exclusively. There’s no time left for additional tasks before a deadline – even your own. Calendars help you stay focused to your tasks and, therefore, avoid distractions and the temptation to embrace multitasking.

How to Track the Startup Performance with a Calendar

Set Metrics and Targets

The startup needs to have a measurable way to success. Hence, the internet is abundant in articles about success metrics. According to Forbes, there are seven basic metrics you should consider, regarding customers, sales and financial management.

However, startups determine their own metrics and targets, depending on the market they approach. So, print out a calendar, set a day for metrics and targets and begin your research!

Create Rituals

Meetings are essential for startups as they help all experts and employees to stay up to date with information regarding clients, the industry and how the startup performs. However, meetings should not last too long or occur too often. Around 65% senior managers feel like meetings keep them from working.

Set meetings for areas of your work and make sure you keep them short. Also, by having meetings on repetitive dates, you encourage employees and experts to better organize their schedule.

Go Tech

The printable calendar is a tool which aids your work. Meanwhile, your startup activates in a digital world that your marketing strategies need to reflect. Mix the printable calendar with technology tools by sending email regarding when a meeting should take place and mentioning the calendar.

Every time you mention the printable calendar you help others to get used to their ritual and keep their schedule updated and free of surprises.


Set Official Deadlines

The best way to handle a printable calendar is to use symbols and color code. There are deadlines which you cannot control. Consider payments, document preparations and client requirements and insert them into the calendar.

The presence of official deadlines into the calendar help you prepare and make payments on time – therefore, minimize the risk of penalties.

Clients Need Time

Your startup is just discovering its ways to grow. Clients who benefit from your products or services are now just testing your work. They should transform into loyal and recurring clients. Make time to research client and market feedback and make sure you focus on it.

You should increase the time you spend on feedback as the first three months pass, to keep your teams up to date with results. After the first six months, you can even include results in your metrics and evaluate even more details of your startup.

Printable Calendars Manage Your Time and Wall

Having the printable calendar set in a visible place near your office will constantly remind you that time can be used to the fullest. You can go even further and protect the environment by printing the calendar on sheets which already have one side used. This way, you find an ingenious way to recycle paper and turn it into a productive tool.

As experts claim, success is connected to your own leadership abilities. This involves having a work-life balance where no element gets ignored. Remember that the calendar is there to show you what date it is and when you need to perform major tasks. Calendars are your time organizers, rather than to-do-lists. Keep your calendar free during some days, to handle unexpected tasks successfully. As months pass, feel free to evaluate and improve!

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