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A Marketplace For WoW Gamers To Convert Their Efforts Into Dollars

world-of-warcraftIn this article we will tell you about the top world of warcraft characters. Here are the some of checkpoints that you have to keep in your mind .

Recall our recent post where we highlighted some of the basic checkpoints one should keep in mind, before purchasing any gaming account, to stay away from fraudulent traps.

We today have a web startup, that’s a marketplace of WoW(World of Warcraft, a massively popular Multi-player online game) accounts, which passes all those basic checkpoints we mentioned in our earlier post.

But what’s interesting is the nature of the site called Rather than a gaming site, it offers a marketplace where interested folks can buy other High value accounts/characters (having higher credits and level achievements). Gamers can also sell off their accounts out there to others(for a cost, of course).

This reminds me of a Gaming fanatic, who once asked me about some decent ways of online income through gaming.(He never used to win the gaming competitions but was a total freak…)

Now, with this marketplace, atleast those ‘WoW gamers’ who want to shell out some bucks in exchange of their hard earned WoW accounts have an option in front of them.

This is how describe their service…

It is website retailing World of Warcraft accounts, with the massive success of World of Warcraft. There are now over 11 million paying subscribers. All of these players create and play characters in the Gaming world ? Many players spend hours a day advancing their characters. These characters are highly valued by World of Warcraft players and are worth real world dollars. offers secure transactions for players to buy and sell World of Warcraft accounts.

Summing it up, its an intelligent business model and WoW gamers would love to have some deals out here.

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