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Top Online Helpdesk Ticketing Software

Whether you run a big company or a small business unit. Or you want to communicate effectively with your team or customers. A robust helpdesk ticketing software is the core of such operations. It provides the best solution to better connect with the most crucial aspects of your business or work.

In this list, we will discuss the best software for your help desk ticketing needs. Questions like which one has the best UI and UX. Or which one gives you a complete package. All is going to unravel in this article. So stay tuned and go through this article to supercharge your business.

#3 Zendesk 

Pricing – $5 to $199

Unique – AI and bots which learn repeated tasks, Developer community.

Zendesk has a family of products at your service to enhance your customer relationships. To make it easy for your business, the software provider can customise the best solution in your interest. Further, the clear-cut pricing by this provider is also excellent.

Zendesk is a leading helpdesk ticketing service provider which outgrows its competition. Making sure that your business stays ahead. Features like Guide, Chat and more such other innovative add-ons leads to better performance by your team. Hence securing a profitable business process at minimal cost.

Zendesk has clean UI and UX. The controls are beautifully laid out on the screen. For a new agent, it is easy to cover the functions. The design of the software gives the user a complete professional feel with minimum distractions. The API allows customisation. With over 100 different apps. You can cover a lot of ground when it comes to customer engagement. Further, Zendesk also has a dedicated developer forum. A unique feature which allows the development team to create the best in the market.

The AI on this piece of software learns as you input more data. This is another great way to minimize the load on the agent and focus on the most pressing needs at the moment. When your agents are happy you have a better customer relationship. In effect, leading to quality prospects for your business.

If you have still not made up your mind you can go ahead with a trial. Test all features and then decide. You won’t miss on things which you want the most. In fact, with the Zendesk you will realise what all you were missing till now.

#2 FreshDesk

Pricing – Freemium to $90.50

Unique – Gamification, well-known clients.

FreshDesk is yet another exceptional helpdesk ticketing software. The software allows a team to provide best customer solutions and increase the value of the services rendered.

From streamlining the means and connections. FreshDesk is at the helm of productive suites that imparts the best collaborative solutions. As a business, the most important factor is to have a good hold on your customer interactions. Making sure that every query is satisfactorily answered.

FreshDesk creates the ecosystem inside of your organisation for quick redressal of issues by a competent employee. To add creativity, the platform turns tasks into gamification inspiring the employees. The result is a faster turnaround of tasks. Ultimately leading a culture of performance driving work ethics.

FreshDesk boasts a clientele to envy and is a trusted friend of many MNCs. When it comes to helping desk ticketing software. FreshDesk ticks on all the right boxes for the one who is seeking such a service.

The UI and UX of FreshDesk are clean and intuitive. The loading of screens and reports is crisp and fast. An employee is at ease when working on the platform. The focus is on maximum output with minimum input. The colours and design are inviting.

Further, those who still have questions for FreshDesk. They can use it for 30 days. The good thing is that there are no limitations. Use as many agents as you want on the platform for a good full 30 days. Once you are satisfied you can use it to your benefits. And expand your footprint in your industry.

#1 Zoho

Pricing – Freemium to $95

Unique – GST ready, G-Suite and Office integration.

Zoho is the industry standard when it comes to help desk ticketing software. It is a complete solutions provider for enterprises and for individuals as well. Above all, it takes all the day to day functions into a single suite of apps. And lets its users enjoy the productivity from their single point of contact.

For the users from India. The good news is that it has GST ready features. So, for those who are looking for accounting functions working with GST updates. They can do so easily with the help of Zoho.

Zoho also provides its users to custom create apps according to needs. From a simple vendor to a refined business owner. All can find something special for themselves in the solutions provided by Zoho.

Zoho specialises in various verticals of any business. From HR and Finance to IT and Sales. The platform is well-suited for various business entities coming from different sectors. All will find the right package of productivity apps for the best price. Hence, Zoho with all its features stands tall as the winner in this contest of help desk ticketing software.

Further, Zoho has partnered with leading industry giants such as Google to integrate G Suite and office with its package. Zoho because of its deep understanding of the requirements of its customers has a terrific feel with its UI and UX. The UI is well spaced out and is clean in design. Above all, it has the feel of premium touch with great placement of functions across the platform.


If you were looking for the helpdesk ticketing software for your organisation. This article would definitely have reduced your confusion. You always have the option of going for a trial. All the above three platforms provide you with ample duration of free usage.

Hope this guide is useful to you or to your organisation. Stay tuned for more such informative write-ups here on If you have any questions then do let us know.

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