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Top 6 Essentials to Operate Your Business Smoothly in India

Tough devices are favourable for many businesses as they are far more robust and long lasting as compared to off-the-shelf consumer products. Although, these tough machines come at a premium price as compared to the usual ones, they also ensure an increased return on investment. Today, the popularity of tough laptops or rugged gadgets is on the rise. Once labelled as systems to be used only in segments like construction, today rugged laptops and other such devices are utilized largely in different business verticals in India. So, what are those essentials that can be listed as the stimulants for running businesses smoothly in India? Listed below are some of those devices that are used in almost every business setup.

    Image Source: Panasonic Toughbook Business

Rugged/Semi-rugged laptops: Rugged laptops haveswayed the business world by their unparalleled advantages over the usual ones. Business laptops in India must be designed such that they can withstand extreme temperature conditions and still stay functional. For instance, business laptops like Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 is the lightest and the thinnest semi-rugged laptop in the world. With satellite GPS, 4G LTE mobile broadband and hot swap battery replacement feature, this semi-rugged laptop can be used even by the mobile workforce. The long battery life and the ease of connectivity make this business laptop in India and worldwide an ideal device for severe working conditions.

Hard drives:Tough and portable hard drives can help businesses store and transfer data at a good speed. Rugged external hard drives can even survive few drops and scratches here and there to stay in function throughout. Rugged hard drives come with storage capacity as high as 500GB to help businesses deal with their piled-up data. You have the hard drive by Hitachi that can withstand the fall from the height of 10 feet when not operational. So, even if the workforce is expected to work from outdoors, they need not worry about the hard disk and focus more on the work.

Digital Copier/Printer:With a digital copier, the deciding factors are the print speed, print volume and graphic capabilities. A copier that helps you copy several pages in just a few minutes and with high resolution can be a great help in smooth business functioning. Digital copiers have become the all-in-one office device for businesses that want a machine with scanning, printing, faxing, emailing and downloading features.

Tablets:With the rising dependency of businesses on tablets for computing purposes, there is an increased demand for rugged tablets that can withstand rough handling in adverse working conditions. With the business world becoming more demanding in terms of productivity, working even when you are on the go is the need of the hour. Panasonic toughpads, like the Toughpad FZ-G1 with ATEX, are compact and lightweight with a flexible configuration to meet the needs of different businesses. Such toughpads are also shock resistant and water resistant, demanding lesser maintenance for higher productivity.

Smartphones:With businesses moving beyond the traditional office setup, the demand of smartphones for work has increased. The mobile workforce can be connected easily through smartphones. One of the most popular smartphones of 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has 32 GB of storage with 4GB of RAM. With the battery life of 10 hours, this smartphone is smart enough to stay functional during long working hours.

Bluetooth speaker:Music keeps the work going even in the most remote locations. Such Bluetooth speakers that can withstand extreme temperatures and has a long battery life are the true companion of the mobile workforce in India. You can go for a Philips Bluetooth speaker that is built to stay in function for long with 100 percent water resistance.

Conclusion: In a business environment, everyone has their own way of handling systems and machines. For businesses to stay strong in terms of infrastructure, it is strongly recommended to invest in devices that are rugged, resistant to damage and long serving.

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