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Top 5 Ways for Small Business Owners to Market their Products

Small Business owners have too many things on their plate, so marketing initiatives do not get as much attention as they require. Here the entrepreneur needs to do is select the options best suited for the business. Relying only on one or two methods is not advisable. A combination can draw more customers from different sources. Small business owners also need to keep themselves up-to-date with technologies being used for marketing as consumers tend to shift to new technologies.


Following is the list of top 5 ways for small business owners to market their products that usually work and do not cost them a fortune.

Many people religiously check their emails, like they read newspaper. So electronic mail list can work with such people. While it may vex some, it also captures the attention of those who genuinely need the product at the time, such as mailing about the premium offers for home or vehicle. This method is suitable when the target market is comprised of individuals, and not some industry.

  •  Target Customer with Eye-catching Package

Attractive packaging is the key to getting the attention of the client for marketing your products. Out of the box, thinking is essential while selling your business. It is not external packaging alone that counts. Adding pleasant surprises inside the package ensures that the customer returns to the same product next time.

  • Use Business Cards, Flyers, Advertisements, etc.

In the era of Internet, these traditional ways to market any product still matter. But it should be remembered that all business cards and flyers look alike. To stand out amongst the rest, the card should have something extra to offer and such thing. Business owners can give complimentary gifts with their names, websites, contact address and phone numbers on them. Calendars help to serve such functions as do pens and pencil holders, notepads, and other objects used on tables.

  • Use Local Directories, Social Media and Community Sites

Small business owner would be better off getting the company’s name and its website’s URL included in some of the popular online and offline business directories. Again, it is important to include the name in relevant business directory. Therefore, including the jewelry brand in business directory that sells construction material would not be rewarding. But including information about jewelry in a business directory that focuses on fashion clothing and accessories is wise. Likewise, including such information in business directory that focuses exclusively on jewelry is the right way to go about it. There is business directory in India Infoisinfo that combine diverse products and allow people to select and order such things. Such mailing directories may have established a network and give business access to wider network of customers across the world.

  • Offer Attractive Deals and Discounts to Customers

Most websites offer discounts and deals, so small business owners should price their products accordingly. Many sites have time frame within which such discounts are offered. Depending upon the type of product, such discounts may be offered for purchasing larger quantities or before specified time. While providing discounts care should be taken to ensure that the business does not end up with large customer base that generate little or no profit. So the business owner does have to do math before offering such discounts and deals.

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