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Top 5 Tools To Increase Your Office Productivity

It can be a really challenging task to run any business and you will require different productivity tools to stay ahead of your competition and to manage your data effectively. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and businesses which adopt the latest technologies will improve their productivity and enhance their revenue. Some essential tools which can help your business to organize and prioritize important tasks and help you accomplish more with less time are listed below,

calender tools

  1. Project Management Tools

Project management is very important for any business and you can use some software tools to manage your projects effectively. Some of the popular project management tools are Asana, Zoho Projects, Smartsheet, Trello, Jira, Workzone, Basecamp etc. It can help you to reduce the overall project costs and effort involved. These tools can help your employees to collaborate in real time, share documents etc. Tools like Zoho or Asana helps businesses to complete the projects within the committed schedule and budget.  Cloud-based project management tools like WorkflowMax can help you track the time and costs for each project activity from quoting till invoicing your customers.

  1. Email Management Tools

Email management is very important to maintain the relationship with your customers and business partners. Email management tools also help you to improve the communication between your employees and enhance the team orientation. You can also organize conversations based on tags and follow-up with important mails.

  1. To-do List Apps

There are various Apps which can help you create to-do lists and keep track of your activities. For example, you can use the Apps like Evernote or Google Tasks to keep track of all your pending tasks. You can use them to set reminders for important meetings and get it synced across other Apps like iCal, Google calendar and Gmail etc. Evernote can be used as your personal diary where you can note important things which can be saved in Google Drive and shared with other users as well.

  1. File sharing and Copywriting Tools

File sharing tools help business to share important documents seamlessly with their customers and also between employees. Tools like DropBox and Google Drive are a great way to store important business documents in the cloud and share it with other users. Copywriting tools are also essential for businesses to create unique content for marketing their products or services. There are many online content writing services where you can hire professional writers to get your business documents written. Click here if you want to the hire well-qualified experts to get your writing assignments done.

  1. CRM and Help Desk Tools

Another important tool which helps you to keep track of your customer requirements and interact with them is a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management). The CRM tools like Microsoft Dynamics or SalesForce can help you to maintain your customer information and track the sales process very closely. You can also use Helpdesk management tools like Zoho desk, Freshdesk or Team Support etc. to handle your customer queries and complaints.

Apart from this digital marketing tools and social media management tools can also help your business to improve the productivity in marketing and sales.The use of such productivity tools can save time and energy for small businesses and boost their revenue.

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