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Top 5 AI Chatbots to Boost Your Customer Support

The customer service you provide to your buyers affects the image of your business both online and offline. If anything goes wrong, while you deal with your consumer, all hell break loose. The constant demand for superior services that the current generation expects from their sellers is immense and the pressure is mounting day by day.

To satisfy the never ending questions and deliberations once the purchase is over is a herculean task. Most often the customers want more than what they are paying for. Especially if you’re a small business the tendency is to cut cost on such activities. But can you afford to do so?

What if there was a way to overcome all of these difficulties? That too without eating into your revenue. The good news is that there is a simple way out. The bad news is that not many utilize it to the best of its abilities. The modern-day customer service provider can impress their buyers by the help of AI chatbot that can deliver the results for a fraction of a cost you would otherwise spend on a human chain of customer service executives.

In this article, we present you the highly selective and carefully curated list of top 5 AI chatbots for your customer support needs.

5. Aivo

Avio - AI Chatbot to Boost Your Customer Support

About: Aivo is one the best, if not the best AI chatbot software that you on add to your company website. It offers you the unprecedented power of AI that responds in real-time to your customer queries and resolves the questions in a jiffy. It has the added benefit of voice support as well. Needless to say, it will boost your conversions and make every penny count.

The AI bot is capable of adapting to various needs of businesses and follows the rules of the channel without a glitch. Once you start to use this magic chatbot, you’re taking the experience of your customers interacting with your business on a whole new level.

As far as the integration goes, you can add the functionality of the chatbot with various other third-party apps. You can use Zendesk, Zapier, Salesforce, Live, and many other apps along with this chatbot.

Pricing: $240 per month starting.

Operational Since: 2013

Support System: Instant chat available

Top Features

  1. No technical skills required
  2. Easy setup
  3. Cheap
  4. Integration options
  5. Text and voice support

4. ChatBot

AI Chatbot to Boost Your Customer Support

About: ChatBot gives you maximum flexibility. You can create your own chatbot, according to your needs and desires. You can also integrate with apps that will increase the overall functionality of your customer services. Also, choose from base templates and customise by simply dragging and dropping the responses you anticipate from your customers. This way, you can decide the actions that your chatbot will take while dealing with client queries.

You can also train your bot, every single day to improve its efficiency through the power of machine learning. The ability to do this leads to a higher degree of correct responses in an unseen scenario. ChatBot can also send the data to external services from where you can do your further analysis.

Pricing: $50 per month starting

Operational Since: 2000

Support System: A 360-degree support system. You have at your disposal its community section plus the expert support.

Top Features

  1. Maximum flexibility
  2. Apps integrations
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. Customisation options
  5. 14 days of free trial without a credit card

3. Chatfuel

Chatfuel AI Chatbot to Boost Your Customer Support

About: Are you looking for a Facebook Messenger chatbot? Chatfuel gives you exactly that, an AI chatbot to boost your Facebook Messenger automation needs. It gives you an easy way to add responses to your messenger for the most common questions asked by your clients or potential buyers.

You even have the ability to transfer the conversation midway to a human customer executive. This is a useful feature which will come handy in situations where the AI bot is not able to answer any question beyond its current capabilities. Additionally, you’re making sure that no customer is left without a proper answer.

Chatfuel also provides services that will help you to set up your bot’s actions and responses. All this and many other features make Chatfuel highly competitive in the market.

Pricing: Free version is there with reduced functionality and pro version starts at $15 per month.

Operational Since: 2006

Support System: You can access its instant chat support plus read its blog section for traning purposes.

Top Features

  1. Best for Facebook messenger chatbot responses
  2. Option to work with human executive simultaneously
  3. Quick setup
  4. Agency support
  5. Free Version

2. Bold360

blod 360 ai chatbot

About: Highly meticulous and the industries most trusted chatbot, Bold360 is supremely powerful and yet simple to integrate AI chatbot that you can find on the internet. It’s not only an AI chatbot but provides a 360-degree approach for your customer engagement. It takes your potential buyer through the whole purchase journey and affects your conversions positively.

With this AI chatbot, you don’t need to feed it with predefined responses, unlike its competitors, it’s highly proficient in automating text replies on context-based answers. This method of automated responses are based upon:

: The status of your customer ( gold, bronze, or free)

: The location of the contacting client

: Type of device used by the customer

: Type of product customer wants to get information on

Pricing: Customized pricing system.

Operational Since: 2013

Support System: Dedicated support section for its users.

Top Features

  1. Enterprise level support
  2. Best AI capabilities
  3. Context-based answers
  4. High engagement level
  5. Customer-driven process

1. Botsify

About: If you are looking for an intelligent AI chatbot with minimum hassles, Botsify will not disappoint you in your endeavour. Be it your website, slack, or Facebook Messenger, you can integrate your Botsify AI chatbot without the effort to code or spend endless time figuring out the technicalities.

It comes with the most proficient drag-and-drop feature to build your AI chatbot. The platform also allows for a smooth transition of chat from bot to a human representative. A handful feature where no opportunity is missed for the lack of any specific query.

The chatbot also comes with a form that collects the information of your most desired buyers. You can then use this information to build your leads and increase your sales prospects. Apart from all these features, Botsify also allows for multiple plugin support. You can connect it with Google Sheets, RSS Feed, and Google search as well.  

Pricing: $50 per month starting

Operational Since: 2016

Support System: Instant chat support plus a great resource section as well.

Top Features

  1. Robust AI and machine learning platform
  2. Plugin support
  3. Lead generator
  4. Bot to Human agent connect
  5. Superior services

All the preceding examples of chatbots are top of their category and provide a platform for automation of your customer chats. How well you use it decides the success of your business. Hope this article solves your problem for a perfect chatbot. Keep coming back for more.  

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