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Top 3 Promising Ideas for Your Tech Startup in 2023

Top 3 Promising Ideas for Your Tech Startup in 2023

When you are planning to launch a new tech solution, it is always useful to monitor the market. It will help you to detect the existing demands and choose the most interesting segment to work in. In this article, we are going to talk about the most promising niches that can become excellent choices if you want to attract investors and deliver a product that will bring real value to users.

Solutions for the healthcare industry

Healthcare is one of the industries that positively welcome all innovations and are ready to adopt them for the common good. The necessity to introduce user-friendly solutions for making medical services available to a wider audience became obvious during the coronavirus lockdowns.

As a result, investments in the digital health sector that unites mHealth and telehealth apps reached almost $45 billion in 2021. It means that this figure doubled in comparison to 2020. In 2022, investments fell to $23 billion but it was still the second-biggest amount during the analyzed period that started in 2010. Now we can say that remote consultations with doctors conducted via web and mobile apps have become a standard in many countries.

But that’s not the only way how technologies are transforming this industry. The Internet of Things, or to be more precise – the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) – is another segment that gives a lot of hope. Thanks to smart devices powered by different sensors, doctors can execute remote monitoring of patients’ health states. The data gathered in real-time helps doctors not only to react properly to any dangerous changes in vital parameters but also to get a full picture of the symptoms. As a result, the chosen treatment can demonstrate a high level of efficiency.

Here, it is also worth mentioning advanced robots that can conduct the most challenging surgeries with a higher level of precision than a human being can ensure. Nevertheless, such robots do not function independently. Their actions are continuously controlled and managed by experienced doctors.

Retail eCommerce

The role and share of online shopping are continuously growing. While traditional shopping can take really a lot of time and be extremely exhausting, eCommerce apps and websites can solve these problems. Of course, it is still possible to spend long hours trying to find something appropriate but at least users can do it whenever they have time for it and from any location.

But traditional boring apps with images of different items and short descriptions do not attract people anymore. Now these applications should offer unique experiences, such as, for example, VR and AR tools that help shoppers to get a realistic view of products. With such features, people can use cameras on their smartphones and see whether the chosen sofa will look good in their living room. More advanced solutions can allow users to leverage the benefits of virtual fitting rooms.

If you decide to opt for this industry to offer your tech products, it is also highly recommended to integrate AI-powered features. Thanks to them, you will provide highly personalized content to users.

Industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing enterprises are known for their continuous search for ways to boost their productivity. The majority of the implemented tools and technologies are traditionally aimed at increasing the number of products while keeping their high quality. Moreover, numerous apps are also intended for addressing the safety of workers.

Given the existing demand for automation solutions, such technologies as AI and IoT are among the most widely-applied choices. A lot of enterprises are investing heavily in developing software products tailored to their business need. AI and IoT help them to get new opportunities for increasing their profits, reducing operating costs, facilitating and streamlining a lot of processes, as well as enhancing their productivity.

By integrating IoT, it is possible to get access to huge volumes of real-time data. It can help to detect a lot of potential risks at production lines before they can cause serious downtimes.

When IoT devices are equipped with GPS modules, they can be used for tracking the location of workers as well as various equipment, vehicles, and other objects.

Instead of a final word

The list of potentially profitable ideas can be significantly longer and can be defined not only by global tech trends but also by those tendencies and existing issues that can be observed in your local market. Before you start developing your startup, you need to deeply study the range of offers that are already available to users, analyze the preferences of your target audience, and think about the features that will make your tech solutions unique and interesting for both investors and potential users. If you offer an app that will address the real needs of users and will have the potential for further expansion and generating additional revenue streams, it will definitely attract investors’ attention.

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