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Top 15 Windows 8 Apps

Here we have listed top 15 Windows 8 apps. Here’s the list:

Since the day Windows 8 made it to the common user’s PC, there have been a lot of users complaining that Microsoft does not have a collection of productive apps for this new version of Windows. Gladly, they all have been proved wrong by Microsoft, who has done a great job of expanding the Windows Marketplace in such a small period of time. In this article, we will see the best and the most productive apps available for the Windows 8 platform for PC, tablet or both of them.

1. Video App:

This is an in built app which ships with Windows 8, which ties up with the Zune video store. You need to pay in Microsoft Points to buy a movie which may be cumbersome. But the prices are very less as compared to even iTunes. The movies are available in both SD and HD.

2. Vimeo: 


Vimeo is an apt alternate to YouTube which offers a very fluid and a fast UI for the user. Unlike Youtube, this app is not at all littered with useless clips. Rather, it only shows clips based on the users previous engagements and interests.

3. Cut the rope:

After entertaining iPad and Android users for a long time, Cut the rope is one of the first apps to make it to the Windows 8 platform. It has the same blob which needs to be fed by cutting the appropriate ropes. Better be warned in advance that the game is badly addictive, so you will be playing hours and hours without even knowing.

4. Dictionary:

The app is the one which you would be using for everything starting from looking for meanings to getting the correct pronunciation. The app has a very clean interface along with rapid response.

 5. Ashampoo ImageFX:


It is often said that a picture is worth thousand words but when tweaked by this app they are worth even more. It offers a pool of cool effects which will make your pictures as snazzy as you desire. Not a Photoshop replacement, but this app gives you a lot of new effects to tinker with.

6. Grantophone:

Turn your Windows 8 PC or Tablet into a classic music instrument. You can be the new age Mozart with this app that lets you compose serious  music. If you are a music lover, you must try this app once, especially if you own a Windows 8 tablet, as it is optimized for them.

7. Elements Weather Forecast:

This app is even better than the native weather app that comes with Windows 8. It gives you a 7 day forecast or even a 4-6 hours forecast. What is even better is that you can pin a live tile of this app onto your desktop, to have a look at the weather whenever you want to, without even launching the app.

8. Evernote:

This note taking app now comes for Windows 8 as well. It synchronizes with all other Evernote apps running on your different devices. The main functionality of this app is same, though this one takes great advantage of the amazing Metro UI for Windows 8.

9. Sketchbook Express:

If you a casual doodler or a pro at art, you can easily digitize your masterpieces with this application. You can make use of the color wheel and various types of brush strokes to further enhance the quality. You can save the work in any of the available image formats such as .jpg, .bmp, .png etc.

10. Cookbook:

This is a very pretty app that brings all your favorite recipes from the famous software BigOven. Now you can cook appetizers, breakfast, snacks etc. like a pro at your home. It offers various photos and snapshots of the dishes. Moreover, you can even mark your favorite recipes as well.

11. Lyrics:

This is an app related to Music Match player. In addition to allow you to browse lyrics on the net, it also accesses your music library and downloads the related lyrics automatically. It has a very nice interface that will certainly amuse you.

12. Pinball FX2:

This is a kind of an upgrade to the classic pinball game which came for Windows XP. This has a very detailed pin ball table with a lot of powerups and stuff. This game will keep you glued to your device for several hours definitely.

13. Slacker Radio:

This is a new online radio app that allows you to listen to various genres online. You can also build your own playlists by selecting the preferred genre. You get an icon in the notification bar which can be used to control music. You can also listen to news and sports channels as well.

14. Wordament:

In this game you get a grid of letters and your objective is to create as many words as possible using adjacent letters before the other players. This game is pretty good for improving vocabulary.

15. News Republic:

This is basically a worldwide news app that takes stories from over 10,000 reputed sources. Instead of boring RSS feeds, this app has interesting visual elements. It is highly customizable. You just need to tap and add the topic which you want to follow.

There are many more apps on the Microsoft Marketplace which can be downloaded easily and are compatible with Windows 8. Seeing the popularity of Microsoft Windows 8, developers are adding more and more apps on a daily basis. Most of the apps can be run on any platform be it a tablet or a PC. So go out there and experience the change with Windows 8  Metro apps.

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