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Top 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Must Use YouTube

Using videos is a great way to hook your potential clients. People prefer watching something interesting to read boring and long texts. Thanks to YouTube videos, you can make short and important messages to grab people’s attention. From the first second, you can capture the viewer’s interest. Of course, you have to hook your audience from the very beginning to make people watch your marketing videos to the end. It is important to post videos on YouTube regularly to increase the number of potential clients who will be interested in your products or services.

YouTube research has shown that people spend about an hour and even more watching videos on tablets and smartphones. That is why YouTube is a must-have for retailers, manufacturers, and small businesses to promote their services and products. For potential clients, demonstrable and instructional videos are very popular there.

Go ahead and read these top ten reasons why you should use YouTube for your business:

1. You do not have to pay anything

Yes, YouTube is free, and you do not have to invest any money to upload your videos there. To become popular on YouTube, you need effort and time, but not connections and money. Even a small startup can grow up into a famous brand using YouTube videos. Nowadays, images and videos are the most popular content online. Every user can repost your video to their social media accounts from YouTube, spreading your video very fast. Small businesses can increase their target audience with YouTube easily without paying a cent. You can create your channel on YouTube, and it will work like a second website for your company without any investments.

2. You can increase your sales

When you upload the video on YouTube to promote your company’s services or products, it will be seen and shared by many people through various tools like Twitter, Facebook, etc. People will be able to find your videos thanks to specific tags or keywords. Even when you are searching for something on Google, it offers a lot of videos to watch. So, YouTube is a powerful tool to promote your services and products to potential customers and increase your sales.

3. You can use YouTube for SEO purposes

Yes, you can use YouTube for SEO purposes. As we already said, if your small business has a YouTube channel, it is almost like getting a second website to promote products. You can make a description for every video on YouTube with tags for optimization and attraction viewers. This will give your videos a good advantage of being found by potential clients. Just like when you post blog articles with keywords, you need to put keywords in a video title, and your target audience will search it easier.

4. You can increase your audience

Nowadays, YouTube is extremely popular among clients. As the statistics say, about 300 hours of video field are uploaded by people to YouTube per minute. But unfortunately, just about 9% of small businesses in the USA use YouTube. By making videos and uploading them on YouTube, you can gain your target audience and let more people see your company’s products. Of course, you may get some questions about making videos for YouTube, uploading them, etc. Feel free to read multiple articles on Movavi Blog to find answers!

5. You can support clients

Create videos about the most common questions and problems your customers may get about the service or product. It will help to reduce your business’ support costs and also solve client’s problems easily. This is a great decision to make a sort of educational video and tutorial for your potential customers. Needless to say, it will build client’s trust in your company.

6. You can create product training on YouTube

This is especially useful if you have distributors and sales forces in several countries – make a series of short videos and save tons of money and time on traveling and training. Making standard videos for all your staff will ensure that all people get the same information. You can educate people distantly, and they can start their job after the training successfully. Just upload training videos on YouTube and save your time because you can use them for both current and new people in your company effectively. Of course, you can make any updates when you need them.

7. You can engage with potential clients

On YouTube, people can watch, share, and comment on videos. It is a great opportunity for your company to correspond with clients on the channel directly. Often, people write comments or questions about some service or product. You can use their comments as good ideas for creating new videos to meet client’s needs. And, of course, sharing your videos with clients on their social media channels gives you more chances to communicate with the audience on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks.

8.You can get clients’ testimonials

Of course, written testimonials on the site may lead to the question if they’re real and who wrote them. With video testimonials from customers, you can get real stories from real people who demonstrate their impressions of your service or products. This will motivate other watchers to try it too. Testimonials are an important tool to prove the success of your company and its services. Of course, it increases the trust and reliability of your business.

9. You can view the statistics

With YouTube, you can have free analytics about every video: it’s possible to see views, subscribers, community, and demographics. Of course, it’s very important to see how your watchers find your videos. Besides, you can see from which devices potential customers watch your YouTube videos. Thanks to these useful statistics, you can make any useful changes on your channel to make your business more effective and successful. You can always control how your video marketing campaigns are going and what things are more interesting for your target audience.

10. You can have some fun

It is easy to create short videos that contain a message from your company to the audience. Small businesses should create entertaining videos with their brand that provides a welcoming message to future customers and other companies for future fruitful relationships.


Of course, it’s possible to write much more about each reason above. Keep in mind that a good website is just a part of success for your small business. Using a YouTube channel increases the number of potential clients and helps to build their trust in your team. Do not build a second site to increase sales, but just take your smartphone and start recording amazing videos for your audience to be proactive and creative in your business marketing.

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