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ToBox : Online Marketplace For Kitchenware and Small Appliances

ToBox was founded by Edward Hutchins in August 2017. It is first curated direct-to-consumer online marketplace which is dedicated for kitchenware and small appliances. The biggest advantage of ToBox is that it helps consumers to purchase quality products directly from factors without the need of any middleman.

Also, all the products are sold at 40% discount compared to the market price at various retail outlets. The products listed are curated by the ToBox team to ensure they are of excellent quality and created with ethical manufacturing practices. It is the only online marketplace which has a curated list of products which are sold direct-to-consumers without any brand or middleman.

ToBox is based out of Los Angeles and is created by foodies, creators and self-proclaimed chefs who have the experience and knowledge about kitchenware. They founded ToBox with a vision to change the way you shop for home goods and kitchenware online. If you purchase branded kitchen utensils online, they are usually very costly and you have to pay a premium for the brand name on it.


Range of Kitchenware and Home Appliances

The products sold include a range of kitchenware and home appliances like Coffee makers, Induction CookTops, Bread Toaster, Programmable Breadmaker, Lunch Box, Vegetable Peelers etc. All their products undergo thorough quality checks before getting listed and their aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. They also have a replacement and refund policy in case if you are not happy with the product.

Quality Products at a Cheaper Price

ToBox reduces the branding cost and also the need for middleman by working directly with the manufacturers to get quality products directly to consumers. Since they are selling from manufacturers directly, they can provide the products are 40% discount when compared to traditional retailers.

They maintain complete transparency in their costs, suppliers and the profits they take. They share detailed information about the costs of manufacturing every product and this helps consumers to understand the cost of every product which they are buying through them. ToBox makes your shopping experience very smooth and continent by offering a simple interface and provide you with all the details about each product.

They have tie-ups with some of the best factories which manufacture quality kitchenware and home goods. All the products listed on ToBox are environment-friendly and should meet the meet FDA/ETL certifications. They only work with manufacturers that listen to customer feedback and strive hard to improve the quality of the products. By working with manufacturers directly they cut down the premium which you normally pay for branded products you purchase in retail outlets and return this savings to their customers. If you want to purchase quality kitchenware at an affordable price, ToBox is the best online destination for you.

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