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Tips to ensure Office safety for Businesses

 Here are some of the most critical tips to ensure Office safety for Businesses. Have a look:

Modern offices have come a long way in the past few decades. No longer is y our average office an uncomfortable place where you’re forced to while away time to get your paycheck.

Nowadays, offices are designed with employees’ comfort and safety in mind; some of the world’s most attractive employers such as Google and Facebook also go a long way to ensure that employees are given access to some pretty neat facilities such as gyms, common areas for relaxation, and even gaming rooms!

However, before you go about trying to make your office or workplace a similarly inviting place, you have to focus on the most important issue that relates to employee comfort: safety.

While offices have indeed changed over the past few years, the safety aspect cannot be ignore; if anything, it’s become even more vital that you ensure your employees’ well-being.

Here are some important office safety tips for business:

  1. Do ensure that there are adequate fire escapes – which are clearly marked
  2. Your office should meet the local building laws and fire safety requirements. Keep enough fire extinguishers on hand and get them services regularly – most extinguishers need to be checked and certified once every year.
  3. If you are required to fit smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinklers, do so! Have this examined every year by certified technicians. This is a very important safety rule for businesses!
  4. Your office should have adequate lighting, including emergency lighting.
  5. Make sure that the backup power supply is adequate
  6. Keep electrical generators far away from employee areas. The exhaust must be directed away from your office.
  7. Ensure that all ramps and lift access meets the requirements set by the local municipality.
  8. You should also hold regular fire drills – perhaps every month.
  9. If you have any old insulation or fittings that use asbestos, change them immediately! Get certified technicians to do this as asbestos can be very dangerous!
  10. Your electrical system should be maintained properly. Never exceed the recommended load on any power outlet. Make sure that all devices connected to the electrical supply are certified for office use.
  11. Keep a track of employees entering and leaving the building. This is essential in th e event of an emergency.
  12. Do not allow outsiders to enter your premises unescorted.
  13. Give employees secure storage for their valuables.
  14. Make sure that your employees are familiarised with the office safety equipment and fire escapes.
  15. Never use elevators in times of crisis. Always use the stairs to exit the building.
  16. Keep first aid equipment on hand. If your office is large enough that you are required to have trained medical staff on call, do so!
  17. Make sure that floors are not left wet or slippery. Have spillages cleaned up immediately.
  18. Keep hazardous chemicals and office cleaning supplies locked away in storage inaccessible by employees
  19. Carry out an earthquake safety assessment of your premises.
  20. Make sure that your office receives some natural light and fresh air. Have the HVAC systems serviced regularly.

With these tips, your office should be a safer place – making it more enticing to employees!

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